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  • Civic GX Canada

    I have just found this forum. Very informative.

    I have been driving the NG way since 1988 in converted vehicles (3 so far).

    I've seen the GX has been available in the states for a long time now.

    Are there any Canadian owners on this forum.

    If there are, how did you get your GX into Canada?

    I've asked Honda Canada but they say there is not enough demand! I cant believe that with the price of gasoline these days. Same response from my local natural gas utility (Enbridge Gas).

    How can I import a Civic?

    New York state has dealers that say they sell the GX. But will they sell to a Canadian? I've heard the border dealers are prohibited from sell cross-border.

    Currently I drive a 2000 Dodge Dakota Quad cab 2 wheel drive bi-fuel. It has one tank in the back and I get up to 100 miles range. I have a Fuelmaker as well.

    Does anyone know how to get into the Ng computer program to make changes? I've had problems since the kit was install in 2003 that the installer and the kit manufacture refuse to do anything about. The kit is by a British Columbia (Canada) company call Echo Fuel Systems.


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    Re: Civic GX Canada

    Hi Beaker :

    My Name is Stu Man, and I live near Vancouver, B.C.

    I, too, have been driving a Bi-Fuel vehicle since 1991. With the price of gasoline hitting $1.31 a liter ($5.96 / Imperial Gallon ), I just can't believe that CNG isn't getting more attention in the market place. Out here, the average price per liter for CNG is 65 cents ( $2.95 / Imperial Gallon ).

    Back in the late 80's and early 90's, the British Columbia Government, along with BC Gas really supported CNG for vehicles. Actually, back then, British Columbia was actually an industry leader. But since the Provincial Government grants have dried up, and Ford and GM ceasing their OEM CNG program, I find very few people in British Columbia even know anything about CNG for vehicles . I'm just really glad to hear that more interest is being generated in CNG down in the States, especially Oklahoma, California, and Utah. Perhaps if enough CNG for vehicle demand is generated by our American neighbors, a re-birth of this proven technology can occur here in Canada. Canada has tons of Natural Gas, so it would be really good for us Canadians to take advantage of this resource as a vehicle fuel.

    I dropped in to a Honda Dealership out here to inquire about the GX, and the 2 Salesmen didn't really know much about the GX, or Natural gas as a vehicle fuel. These 2 Gentlemen kept telling me that I was getting Propane and Natural Gas mixed up.

    If you go to the bottom of the Main Page, you will see the Canadian section. I joined this Chat group in early February 2008, and find the content very helpful. There aren't too many other Canadians involved with this Chat group from what I can tell.

    As for your question about getting in to the CNG computer, I can't really help you. I've owned my computer since 1991, and I haven't had to get any work done on any of this equipment. You could contact ECO fuels to see if they can help you. ECO Fuels WEB site is

    Also, I've been working with the WEB Master who operates . If you could visit, and update any of the CNG filling station prices that you use, that would be great.

    Good luck

    Stu Man