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1000 members by monday?

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  • 1000 members by monday?

    Wow , 994 have signed up as of midnite saturday. Are we going to start the new week in 4 figures ????

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    Re: 1000 members by monday?

    Good chance to hit the 1,000 mark tomorrow.
    Thanks everyone for your support of our little (growing) community

    I think we will send out our first-ever e-mail to all of you this week to celebrate the milestone and to ask everyone's opinion on where the community should be heading in terms of our focus and mission.


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      Re: 1000 members by monday?


      Great to hear the milestone of cng online community users approaching!!

      I'd sure hope that pressure is continued for Honda to keep churning out terrific Cleanest Car On The Planet - - Honda Civic GX - - 5 years running!! Also, the most immediate benefit that Honda could do is install small public cng pumps in strategic dealerships across the USA (ie large cities with no public cng currently, cities/towns on major interstates that need a public cng pump, etc). Fuelmaker (partial subsidiary of Honda) could help out the cause by cranking out vast supply of affordable fmq8-36 units, combined with a cascade of cng tank storage, so that mini fast-fill was created. This would be ESSENTIAL shot in the arm for dealership so that more GX's could be sold!! Wouldn't even need to have "high dollar" card reader or complicated per gge dispensing, plain old flat charge of $12 to $15 per tank on GX would do the trick!! For that kind of price, cng users would be happy with nearly full cng tank ; and remitting highway taxes would be easy since same amount per fill-up!!

      Do the same with all strategic locations of GM dealerships once the cng Malibu is sold here in USA . . . get that going ASAP!! GM also needs to sell GM/Opel Zafira cng here in USA that is #1 cng vehicle in Germany!! Next, need the Impala as dedicated and bi-fuel cng. If Ford won't sell the Focus cng here in USA, then let them go bankrupt! Dodge . . . what is Dodge actually doing anyway??!!? Toyota . . refuses to bring back Toyota Camry cng, and won't add bi-fuel cng to Prius . . . who knows what their strategy is!!

      See Mercedes sedan that also is bi-fuel . . . bring it here to USA!! Get those dealerships going with some mini fast-fill cng public stations as well!!

      Above idea would work well since almost all large auto dealerships are on major roads and easy to find!!

      Give it a try . . . It has to be better than price gouging by Clean Energy!!!


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        Re: 1000 members by monday?

        Congrats! 1000 is quite a milestone! Keep up the good work!


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          Re: 1000 members by monday?

          The 1,000th member is Yochanan Yuval from Israel.