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CSI offering Certification for Small Volumn Manufacturers, Eng Manuf, Fleet Admins.

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  • CSI offering Certification for Small Volumn Manufacturers, Eng Manuf, Fleet Admins.

    Certification Services International, LLC (CSI) is pleased to announce the launch of their newly formed company. With over 20 years in the alternative fuels industry, CSI most recently has been providing independent consulting services to a select group of small volume manufacturers in the US. By providing product design and development, emissions testing and certification services along with EPA and CARB customer representation, CSI principals have been effective in gaining over a dozen certificates of conformity in the last year alone. CSI is now making its beneficial services available to Small Volume Manufacturers, Engine Manufacturers and Fleet Administrators throughout the United States and abroad. CSI has successfully streamlined the development and certification processes and has significantly reduced the time and investment required to gain EPA and CARB certification for companies currently in the US alternative fuels industry and those outside the US desiring to bring their unique products to the US market.
    Certification Services International provides certification for alternative fuel conversion equipment, systems, kits, and engines through the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the California Air Resources Board (CARB). CSI specializes in Compressed Natural Gas (CNG), Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG), Liquid Propane (LPG), Hydrogen and Hythane (Hydrogen and Natural Gas Blends).
    CSI provides product development and certification for both dedicated and bi-fuel conversion systems for the automotive passenger car, light and medium duty truck platforms along with engine development and certification services on heavy-duty alternative fuel engines. The company offers all of the engineering and legal documentation necessary to gain EPA or CARB certification on alternative fuel conversion systems and engines.
    CSI also offers conversion system design and assembly. The company can gain a certification on a conversion system for a vehicle, and also design, pre-assemble, package, and ship these systems once they are certified. CSI also trains fleet mechanics on how to install conversion systems and has a qualified staff to supply technical support and administer warranty claims. Their decades of experience in the industry have been focused on streamlining the conversion process offering pre-assembled conversion systems/kits for CNG and LPG that can be installed on a vehicle in 4-6 hours
    “We have years of experience in gaining certification on alternative fuel conversion systems and engines. Our expertise is in the engineering and legal documentation required to gain EPA and CARB certification. We have done a lot of consulting work over the years for several Small Volume Manufacturers, and are pleased to be able to openly offer our services as an independent entity to companies in the alternative fuel industry” said Par Neiburger, Vice President of Certification Services International.

    For more information please contact CSI at 828-458-1573 or visit

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    Re: CSI offering Certification for Small Volumn Manufacturers, Eng Manuf, Fleet Admin

    This looks like it might be the ticket for some of the people what to sell the "off shore" kits that are not EPA or CARB approved. I see on name that on the company list that knows the ropes.

    Why don't you guys that want to sell kits divide the various engine families between yourselves and work that segment for your sepecific kit. We could get a lot of engine families certified and on the road -- clean and legal.


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