Upcoming Clean Cities/MotorWeek Episode
Segment: Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport
Episode #: 2901
Airing date: Sept. 5, 2009
Channel: PBS and Speed

MotorWeek of PBS' Maryland Public Television is teaming up with Clean Cities to launch a new bi-monthly segment showcasing Clean Cities coalition efforts to expand the use of alternative fuels and advanced vehicles and technologies.
The first installment of this new segment, titled "Clean Cities Coalition Success Stories," spotlights the Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport and its extensive use of compressed natural gas and other alternative fuels in everyday operations.
The inaugural episode of MotorWeek's Clean Cities Coalition Success Stories will air on PBS stations nationwide starting the weekend of Sept. 5, 2009 (in the regular weekly MotorWeek timeslot on your local PBS station). It will also be broadcasted on the SPEED Channel on cable and satellite networks beginning the weekend of Sept 11.
For show times in your area, check the MotorWeek and SPEED Channel Web sites. While many local PBS affiliates are still broadcasting in standard definition, viewers with newer widescreen televisions can watch the episode in 16:9 hi-definition on the SPEED channel.
Stay tuned for new episodes. We'll keep you posted on upcoming segments.
Happy watching!