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Nearly $800 Million from Recovery Act to Accelerate Biofuels

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  • Nearly $800 Million from Recovery Act to Accelerate Biofuels

    Recovery Act Announcement: Secretary Chu Announces Nearly $800 Million from Recovery Act to Accelerate Biofuels Research and Commercialization

    May 5, 2009

    As part of the ongoing effort to increase the use of domestic renewable fuels, U.S. Secretary of Energy Steven Chu today announced plans to provide $786.5 million from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act to accelerate advanced biofuels research and development and to provide additional funding for commercial-scale biorefinery demonstration projects.
    "Developing the next generation of biofuels is key to our effort to end our dependence on foreign oil and address the climate crisis—while creating millions of new jobs that can't be outsourced," Secretary Chu said. "With American investment and ingenuity—and resources grown right here at home—we can lead the way toward a new green energy economy."
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    Re: Nearly $800 Million from Recovery Act to Accelerate Biofuels

    It's been quoted that Chu is "agnostic" towards cng . . . . and this wasting of more millions in bio-fuels (really just "PR label" for ethanol or possibly bio-diesel). If the USA was spending millions on a REAL Bio-Fuel (like bio-methane from wastewater plants, livestock yards, rotting vegetation, etc), then I might get excited. Otherwise, these announcements of millions "going to alternative fuels" are really just more of the same . . . Corn Lobby (with Big Oil in back pocket), status quo lobby of truckers, etc.

    CURIOUS: Can anyone tell me from above quote: "...Act... will provide funding...for commercial-scale biorefinery demonstration projects" . . . . .will in ANY way not just be putting money right into the pocket of SAME REFINERS that have been fleecing us for gasoline and diesel these past 30 years . . . ie bogus limits on supply, instant jack-up in price of ANY affect on production (ie Hurricane threat . . . ie prices go UP with just the treat), etc., etc., [email protected]#??

    The USA NEEDS to have NATIONWIDE cng NOW . . . . or YESTERDAY!!
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      Re: Nearly $800 Million from Recovery Act to Accelerate Biofuels

      Since this country will never have a "silver bullet" solution to the energy crisis, all fuels need to be developed simultaneously. I know you're hard core cng, and I respect that. I too started out that way myself, but have learned that being fuel neutral allows me to have more of an impact on developing a workable solution for this country.

      If you do some research, rather than making blanket assumptions about things, you'd know that very few of these bio refineries are owned by, or even backed by, the oil industry. Most are partnerships between private investors, colleges, and private industry, just to name a few.

      You're going to have to recognize that the growing reality is that the light duty cng market has taken a back seat to the heavy duty market, but that we will continue to benefit from the infrastructure that supports it.

      I would also like to offer this word of advise. I see a day coming when this site is going to work on regaining it's focus. That focus is education and outreach. I, as well as others, have noted that cngchat has slowly continued to become a stage for people that wish to use it as a personal soapbox, rant and rave about non productive issues, spout BS as if it were gospel, and frequently steer threads off course.

      I believe it is costing the site credibility, valued members from across the industry, and is counter productive to the reasons John, I and the rest of the staff have poured our time into developing cngchat.

      Since you have always been a character of colorful opinions, and such a devout supporter of cng, we have given you a free pass on more than one occassion. I would simply suggest that you might want to work on your communication skills, focus on making positive contributions to the site, and carefully pack and store your soapbox, as it will no longer be needed here.

      Others might wish to take note.
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