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Conoco Stations Adding LPG Pumps Nationwide

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  • Conoco Stations Adding LPG Pumps Nationwide

    With the aggressive level of Clean Cities funding and huge support from Congress and the DOE, we live in truly exciting times. CleanFUEL USA is very honored and proud of the relationship they have established with Clean Cities organizations around the country; we have truly enjoyed working closely with many of the Coordinators over the last 15 years. As projects begin to develop all across the country, CleanFUEL USA is very excited to announce that our CFUSA/ConocoPhillips relationship is ready to launch our first phase of Propane (LP-Autogas) fueling stations at conveniently located Conoco branded stations across the US.

    The first five cities are Atlanta, Chicago, Houston, Denver and Sacramento, where we will be installing a total of twenty-five stations for 24-hour fleet and consumer access. The second phase will include an additional fifteen cities and more than one-hundred CFUSA stations in ten states.

    We are highly energized to join with our Clean Cities partners and local fleets to promote one of America’s cleanest and domestically produced alternative fuels, helping establish sustainable fuel markets that will lessen our dependence on foreign sources of energy and reduce toxic and GHG emissions. With the Blue Bird Propane School Bus, the cleanest school bus in the country, leading the way, 2009 and 2010 will see both General Motors and Ford propane products return to the market place in a big way, with several pickup truck, van and bus options coming online. We are submitting this project grant to the DOE in partnership with Clean Cities Coalitions; this will allow us to double the impact of this important project as well as significantly decrease the time lines for site development.

    Please review the attached information. If you are interested, please contact our project coordinator, Jon Van Bogart at 805.610.3671 or [email protected]. We sincerely welcome the opportunity to partner with your coalition to submit this already-completed grant on our behalf.

    Read the article attached for details
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    Re: Conoco Stations Adding LPG Pumps Nationwide


    Have a cleanfuelusa card and use it sometimes. They need to get their prices down bit. Have fueled up outside Jon's office in Paseo Robles at San Luis Butane.

    Larrycng (& LP)


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      Re: Conoco Stations Adding LPG Pumps Nationwide

      Now if they would add cng stations, we'd be talking!


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        City of Riverside Takes Delivery of CNG powered Mobile Fueling Truck

        City of Riverside to use CNG powered truck for mobile diesel, propane, and gasoline fueling of city vehicles.

        October 22, 2012 Government Fleet

        RIVERSIDE, CA – The City of Riverside, Calif., No. 1 Government Green Fleet for 2012, took delivery of a new compressed natural gas (CNG)-powered multi-compartment mobile refueling truck, replacing a 1989 diesel-powered fuel truck.

        RIVERSIDE, CA – The City of Riverside, Calif., took delivery of a new compressed natural gas (CNG)-powered multi-compartment mobile refueling truck. This California Air Resources Board (CARB)- and Department of Transportation (DOT)-certified truck replaces a 1989 diesel-powered International fuel truck and will have the ability to fuel gasoline, E-85, propane autogas (LPG), and ultra-low sulfur diesel (ULSD), according to Martin Bowman, fleet operations manager.


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          Re: Conoco Stations Adding LPG Pumps Nationwide

          Good news that "alternative" fuel of LPG (liquid propane) is getting some nationwide coverage at Conoco stations.

          This is somewhat conflicting to me since Conoco Phillips is based in Bartlesville, OK where corporate headquarters is located. Yet, the ONLY CNG public cng pump in Bartlesville is at Oklahoma Natural Gas (ONG) and a rather small one at that with just one mediocre hose that fills to 3,000psi or so. No evidence I can find that Conoco/Phillips themselves are even using CNG in Bartlesville with a private cng refueling site. Anyone know otherwise? So it begs the question why Conoco is pushing LPG, but NOT pushing CNG??

          As for LPG, let's create TRANSPARENT PRICING to a site similar to as LPG prices are all over the place ranging from $1.40/gallon from rural providers to sky-high of $3.80 to $4/gal at places like U-Haul, rental places, etc. If LPG is going to be used for transportation fuel, it needs consistent and reasonable price at locations across country. Won't help USA any if all we get is more places to get $4/gal alt fuel of LPG.

          Only potential source I've found to search for LPG locations and prices (data seems very limited/inaccurate and very few prices):

          Ironic that there are zero locations listed for LPG in Bartlesville, OK.
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            Re: City of Riverside Takes Delivery of CNG powered Mobile Fueling Truck

            kinda silly cant fill cng .