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  • Industry Professionals-List youself Here

    The one thing coordinators need on an increasing basis is resources. I want to build a database of people and companies in the alt fuels industry for them to be able to draw from. That's the real value of sites like this.

    So if you want to list companies you work for, associate with, or know the contact info for people in those companies, please list them here.
    Coordinators need companies all around the country to tie into projects they are working on.

    This list is not just cng, it's everything. CNG, biodiesel, E-85, Heavy equipment, Solar, transportation, wind... all the pieces of the puzzle are needed to make this job of reducing oil consumption work.

    If you find a company listed on the net, plug them in here. Every company, everywhere is needed, small companies and large alike. As long as they are legit, I want to know about them. Post your reply in the appropriate thread first, ie: Biodiesel, then give company name, address, phone, etc, along with contact info. and their area of expertise (if known) and any details about their services.

    Scroll down to find the right heading and click "quick reply".

    Only list conversion companies if they do not appear in the conversions thread/forum. Thanks in advance for your contributions.

    By the way, if you're listing yourself as an industry professional, specify your specialty and field of knowledge.

    Note: The presence of any person/s or business/s on this list should not be construed as a recommendation, or endorsement. Any contact, dealings, or interaction with any of these entities should be considered to be conducted of your own volition. Companies/persons listed here are thought to be of high character and ethically sound. If you find out otherwise, let me know and I'll remove them from the list.
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    Re: Propane/Infrastructure

    Propane Supplier/Infrastructure/Propane Conversions

    Delta Liquid Energy
    Propane Supplier
    42165 N. Sierra Hwy
    Lancaster, Ca 93534
    Contact: Ted Olsen
    [email protected]
    1960 Pasa Robles, Ca 93446
    ph 805-239-0616
    FAX 805-591-4474
    Shane Hunt/Fleet Mgr
    [email protected]

    Suburban Propane
    46151 N. Sierra Hwy
    Lancaster, Ca. 93534
    Tel 661-942-5117
    Fax 661-726-9537
    Scott Hayes/CSC Mgr

    Clean Fuel USA

    Tom's Truck Service
    909 N. Grand
    Santa Ana, Ca
    Propane conversion of the Chevy 8.1 ltr. Other conversions pending CARB approval.
    Fleets of 3 or more qualify for NO COST LPG station installed on site.

    Rousch Industries
    Dear Clean Cities Coordinators,

    For those of you who didn't have a chance to attend or watch our "Green-Collar Revolution" F-250 / F-350 / E-series press launch, the event was a huge success!

    We have seen a significant increase of major media coverage through stories in USA Today, NBC Sports, Motor Trend, LP Gas, Wired, AutoWeek,, Jalopnik, and many more. Click the link below to see coverage of the event from the Detroit FOX affiliate:

    As you can see, the family of ROUSH Liquid Propane Injection products is getting a lot of national attention for being an alternative fuel solution that is creating jobs, reducing our country's dependence on foreign oil, and is available right here, right now. With that in mind, we wanted to reach out to each of you to make sure you know ROUSH is a willing partner in your efforts to increase use of alternative fuels in your city, county and state.

    We look forward to working with you as you develop your grant opportunities in the upcoming months. Our F-150, F-250, F-350, E-150, and E-250 Liquid Propane Injection conversions are a viable, cost effective, and "shovel ready" solution that is available now. We are anxious to show you how ROUSH's products can be a win/win/win for your region, your coalition and ROUSH.

    As we work together to develop these opportunities, ROUSH is in the process of launching a new incentive program that can provide support funding to your Coalition. We will be following up with each of you individually in the coming weeks, but if you're interested in discussing this opportunity now, please give one of us a call:

    - Todd Mouw: (248) 770-4557
    - Brian Carney: (734) 718-6708

    We are looking forward to working with each of you in 2009!

    Brian Carney
    Brand Marketing Coordinator
    ROUSH Performance
    tel: 734.466.6219
    cel: 734.718.6708
    fax: 734.466.6940

    3030 S. Susan St
    Santa Ana, Ca 92704
    Tel 714-656-1250
    Fax 714-656-1427
    Robert Mercer
    [email protected]
    LPG conversions/components for vehicles, forklifts, etc

    7100 East 15 mile Rd
    Strling Heights, Mi 48312
    Tel 586-276-4328
    Fax 586-264-2344
    Victor Saenz/Senior Applications Engineer
    [email protected]
    LPG, CNG components for vehicles, forklifts, etc

    Moulden Supply Co
    IMPCO dealer
    3600 Hiway 80 West
    Jackson, MS 39209
    Tel 601-922-4611
    Fax 601-922-4666
    Toll Free 800-221-8467
    Bob Titcomb/President
    Propane & Natural Gas equipment & controls, service

    AFV International LLC
    Lancaster, OH 43130
    Tel (740) 205-2107
    Bill McGlinchey, Pres
    CNG, LPG conversion training and education
    codes and standards development

    Roush F-150
    Greg Zilberfarb
    3203 Greenstone Way
    Oak Hill, Virginia 20171
    O: 703-779-4890
    H: 703-435-6744
    C: 703-626-4628
    [email protected]

    Western Propane Association
    2131 Capitol Ave Ste # 206
    Sacramento, Ca 95816
    Tel 916-447-9742
    Fax 916-447-9740
    Lesley Brown Garland/President-CEO
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      Re: Idle Reduction Technology

      Idle Reduction Technologies

      Espar Products Inc
      Espar Parking Heater systems
      Tel 905-670-0960
      Fax 905-670-0728
      Toll Free 800-387-4800
      Email: [email protected]
      Eliminate idling costs to keep cab warm, or preheat engine fluids and cab even in extreme temperatures.
      Reduce idle time, improve fuel economy, extend maintenance intervals

      Webasto Product North America, Inc. - Aftermarket
      15083 North Road
      Fenton, MI 48430
      Phone: 810-593-6000
      Fax: 810-593-6001
      [email protected]

      In today’s competitive marketplace, only the smart succeed. That’s why smart fleets and owner operators alike turn to Webasto for solutions to help stop idling their profits away while reducing operating and maintenance costs. Webasto engine preheat systems and truck cab “engine-off” auxiliary heaters offer a smart, affordable solution to one of the trucking industry’s most complex and costly issues: unnecessary idling. Webasto auxiliary heaters significantly reduce fuel costs, lowers maintenance expenses, and ensures safe, reliable engine starts.

      Webasto's Storage Core Technology, named BlueCool Truck, is a better, cleaner, more cost-effective, more efficient solution for truck operators than any other idle-free cab cooling technology available today. BlueCool Truck is the only zero-emission engine-off cooling technology to have received approval from California's Air Resources Board (CARB)."
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        Re: Electric Vehicle Manufacturers/Kits/Parts

        Electric Drive Transportation Association
        Founded in 1989, EDTA is the preeminent industry association dedicated to advancing electric drive as a core technology on the road to sustainable mobility. As an advocate for the adoption of electric drive technologies, EDTA serves as the unified voice for the industry and is the primary source of information and education related to electric drive. Our membership includes a diverse representation of vehicle and equipment manufacturers, energy providers, component suppliers and end users.

        Electric Drive Transportation Association
        1101 Vermont Avenue, NW. Suite 401 • Washington, DC • 20005
        Phone: 202-408-0774

        Carbon Day-Electric vehicle charging stations
        Our company Carbon Day is pleased to announce the World's first solar electric vehicle charging station. Please see the attached file and the following link for some information regarding our new solar charging stations:

        We have received excellent feedback and publicity on the technology from all over the country. It is an amazing sustainable product to utilize grant money for, being that it is a natural source of energy. Additionally, these charging stations have a great business model that brings revenue back to the cities. Not only are they beautiful to look at but fully functional as well.

        Please feel free to contact me anytime to learn more about the standard or solar electric vehicle charging stations and how we can work with your city to welcome these cars.

        800 W. Huron suite 4E
        Chicago, IL 60642

        Clipper Creek-Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment
        With the current rush of activity surrounding the Stimulus Package and the onset of Electric Vehicles, I would like to provide you with information on ClipperCreek, Inc ( ) the leading supplier of electric vehicle charging stations today.
        ClipperCreek has three UL listed products (Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment or EVSE) in production and has shipped over 1,000 EVSEs in the last 6 months. ClipperCreek's customers include Tesla Motors and a few major OEMs.
        ClipperCreek was founded in 2006 to meet the needs of the Plug-in Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Infrastructure market and has been highly involved in both EPRI's IWC and the SAE committees developing standards for the EV infrastructure market.
        Product information is available on our web-site, or feel free to contact me for pricing or any other information.
        I look forward to working with you.

        David Packard
        ClipperCreek, Inc.
        912-882-0702 phone
        912-258-5665 cell
        912-576-6665 fax

        Electric Blue Motors
        4402 E Huntington Dr
        Flagstaff, Az 86004
        Tel 928-527-4662 x 201
        FAX 928-527-4664
        Andrea Schlanger
        [email protected]
        Within a few months, you will be able to order a short-range fully-electric compact car, that will meet your day-to-day driving needs.

        For any questions or comments you can contact us through email at:
        Andi: [email protected]
        Bill: [email protected]Dustin (Salesman, Event Coordinator): [email protected] Phone: 928.526.1590
        Fax: 928.527.4664

        Elite Power Solutions, LLC
        6605 W. Brookhurst Way
        Phoenix, Az 85083
        Tel 623-242-9341
        [email protected]
        Cell 602-680-9493
        L-Ion battery package supplier for electric vehicle applications

        1 Ample World
        Irvine, California

        Products and services to be unveiled in near term:
        • Tested and proven non-polluting, reusable and high power performance Li-ion battery
        • Tested and proven Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicles (PHEV)
        • Tested and proven Battery Electric Vehicles (BEV)
        • Renewable products & services (charging infrastructure, solar, wind, hydrogen, battery technology and other green alternative energy technology and infrastructure)
        • Finance (financing, insurance and leasing)
        • Sustainable materials & services
        • Other green innovative products and services
        Electric Vehicles USA
        PH: 864-845-5500
        FAX: 864-845-6009
        EMAIL: [email protected]
        Electric vehicle components and kits.

        Greentech LLC
        Environmentally friendly sweeping technology (Small electric Street Sweepers)
        9173 116th Pl Scottsdale, Az 85259
        TEl 480-947-4705
        Jean-Claude Moreau/General Mgr
        [email protected]

        T3 Motion
        2990 Airway Ave Ste A
        Costa Mesa, Ca92626
        tel 714-619-3600 ext 114
        Fax 714-619-3616
        Brad Barker/National Sales Mgr or Jeff Simpson
        [email protected]
        Manufacturer of 3 wheel electric security vehicles.

        ZERO TRUCK
        PO Box 7014
        Lagune Niguel, Ca 92607
        Tel 714-675-7117
        Ted Abramson/President-CEO
        [email protected]
        Zero Emission, Medium/Light Duty Electric Trucks

        Electrorides will be offering the first U.S. built class 4 electric truck, the ZeroTruck™ this fall to fleet operators through its launch dealership South Bay Truck Center, Carson, CA. The Zerotruck™ is an integrated "zero emission" fully electric 12,000-14,500 lb GVWR medium duty truck with lithium polymer battery pack and 80-100 mile range depending on payload, and on-board charging system (220V 30A). For more information please email us: [email protected]

        Hybrid Electric Bus/Trolly

        Azure Dynamics
        Detroit Office
        14925 Eleven Mile Road
        Oak Park, MI 48237-1013
        T 248.298.2403
        F 248.298.2410

        Boston Office
        9 Forbes Road
        Woburn, MA USA 01801-2103

        T 781.932.9009
        F 781.932.9219

        Click here for an interactive map showing our location.
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          Re: Wind/Solar


          Energy Options
          Los Angeles, Ca/Lancaster, Ca/Columbus, Ohio
          [email protected]
          Solar 3.2kw (fixed roof), 5.4kw and 8.1kw systems (ground tracking)
          Wind Turbins (1.8kw, 10kw systems)
          Hydrogen/Energy Conservations/Energy Audits
          Contact: Bruce Hatchett
          Certified Energy Manager

          Solar Santa Monica

          The Program. Solar Santa Monica – A City-Sponsored Solar Service. Now In Its Second Year.
          The goal of Solar Santa Monica is to provide a process whereby residents of the city can save energy by making homes and businesses more efficient, and also produce energy by installing solar panels on individual and municipal buildings throughout the City. The ultimate goal is to help the City be energy self-sustaining by 2020
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            Re: Grants/Project Funding Sources




            Angel Investors
            451 E. 1000 S. Suite C
            Pleasant Grove, UT 84062


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              Re: Hydrogen/Blending

              Hydrogen/Hydrogen blending technologies/Fuel Cell

              General Physics
              GP World Headquarters
              6095 Marshalee Drive
              Suite 300
              Elkridge, MD 21075 USA
              Tel: 410-379-3600
              Toll Free Information Lines
              United States: 1-888-843-4784
              Canada: 1-800-668-0316
              United Kingdom: 0500 734 734
              E-mail: [email protected]
              Web Site:
              Gaseous and Liquid Hydrogen

              For the past 20 years, GP has been recognized by the United States Air Force, NASA and many commercial clients as the leading expert in cryogenic and high pressure system design, analysis, evaluation, and certification. GP maintains expertise in all types of pressure systems, and is familiar with most "non-standard" or unique pressure vessels and component construction methods. GP's engineering staff is experienced working with codes and standards on a daily basis to resolve technical issues. Many of GP's pressure system projects have been focused on hydrogen service.

              California Fuel Cell Partnership
              CaFCP Headquarters are located in West Sacramento, California.

              Northern California
              Mailing Address:
              California Fuel Cell Partnership
              3300 Industrial Boulevard
              Suite 1000
              West Sacramento, CA 95691
              Phone: (916) 371-2870
              Fax: (916) 375-2008
              e-mail: [email protected]
              For map and directions, please click here

              Southern California
              21865 Copley Drive
              Suite 1137
              Diamond Bar, CA 91765 Phone: (909) 396-3388
              Fax: (909) 396-3387
              e-mail: [email protected]

              Mailing Address:
              1142 S. Diamond Bar Blvd., #262
              Diamond Bar, CA 91765 USA

              The California Fuel Cell Partnershipis a collaboration of 32 organizations that believe fuel cell vehicles powered by hydrogen have the potential to change the future of transportation.

              This web site provides information about the progress that CaFCP’s automotive, energy, fuel cell technology, government and associate members are making to bring this important transportation choice to market.
              Related Links:
              Hythane Co LLC
              12420 N. Dumont Wy
              Littleton, Co 80125
              Ph# 303-468-1705
              Fx# 303-791-7975
              Toll free# 866-350-8130
              Contact: Justin Fulton
              Engineering Mgr
              Mobile: 970-222-8635
              email: [email protected]
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                Re: Industry Professionals-List youself Here

                CNG Cylinders/Storage Vessels
                Car sizes to commercial

                American CNG, LLC
                Office: 855-CNG-TANK
                Direct: 801-820-6004
                Email: [email protected]
                David Schultz - Sales

                Luxfer Gas Cylinders
                3016 Kansas Ave
                Riverside, Ca. 92507
                Ph 951-341-2395
                Fax 951-341-9223
                Contact: Mark Trudgeon
                Business Developement Director
                Cell: 951-232-6570
                [email protected]
                Luxfer´s diverse product line ranges from small aluminium cylinders that hold four cubic feet (113 litres) of gas to large cylinders standing five feet tall and holding 265 cubic feet (7,504 litres). These all-metal cylinders are made exclusively from alloys developed by Luxfer metallurgists, including L6X®, Luxfer´s proprietary version of AA6061, and L7X®, a patented, higher-strength alloy that allows higher-capacity filling. Luxfer is also the world leader in hoop-wrapped composite cylinders and ultra-light, full-wrapped carbon composite cylinders used for a variety of applications.
                Lincoln Composites, Inc.
                6801 Cornhusker Highway
                Lincoln, NE 68507 USA
                Phone: 402-464-6611
                1-800-279-Tank (8265)
                Fax: 402-464-6777
                E-mail: [email protected]
                Map: MapQuest (Lincoln Composites, Inc.)
                Products: Lincoln Composites offers a wide variety of TUFFSHELL® fuel tanks for storage of compressed natural gas and hydrogen vehicles. Our patented design and manufacturing technology also lends itself to our composite accumulator bottles (CABs) for oil & gas and automotive applications. Our in-house engineering capabilities enabled us to expand our fuel tank product line to include modular fuel storage systems for bus and truck applications.

                Allied Equipment Inc
                CNG Storage Spheres
                8000 N. Golder
                Odessa, Tx 79764
                PO Box 14188, Odessa, Tx 79768
                Tel 432-367-6000
                Fax 432-367-3939
                Jayson Feltner/CNG Sphere Sales
                [email protected]

                AFVInternational, Llc
                Lancaster, OH 43130
                CNG Cylinder Inspection and Inspector Training
                Bill McGlinchey, President
                (740) 205-2107
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                  Re: Pneumatic Vehicles

                  About GIMM, INC:
                  GIMM, INC, based in Fremont, CA, develops and distributes clean energy systems, namely the MIIN–AER® system of high pressure pneumatics. MIIN stands for Minimally Intrusive (to the environment) Intensely pNeumatic. Our focus is to address the world’s need for more efficient, lower cost, zero pollution energy sources. We strive to make a difference and create a better world using our innovative technologies so that future generations will benefit from our work and passion. For more information: or (408) 507-7976.


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                    Re: Biodiesel

                    Biodiesel Magazine
                    Industry News
                    Biodiesel Plant Map of US & Canada

                    Tellurian Biodiesel
                    Los Angeles
                    228 Main St Ste 5
                    Venice, Ca. 90291
                    Tel 949-254-6290
                    Dick O'Rourke/Direct Sales
                    [email protected]

                    San Francisco
                    1255 Post St.
                    Suite 1015
                    San Francisco, CA 94109
                    [email protected]

                    Tellurian Biodiesel, Inc. is a California based biodiesel production, marketing and distribution company. With offices in San Francisco and Los Angeles, we are California’s leading independent marketer and distributor of biodiesel. Our relationships with supply and distribution partners give us the ability to distribute biodiesel throughout the United States.

                    United Soybean Board
                    Soy Biodiesel-
                    Better for the environment and your health
                    Using soy biodiesel can really shrink your environmental footprint. In addition to decreasing exhaust levels of many greenhouse gases, its less toxic than table salt and biodegrades as quickly as sugar.

                    Soy biodiesel production is also better for the environment. Theres much more energy in a gallon of soy biodiesel than whats required to produce it. And growing things like soybeans take carbon out of the atmosphere to use for photosynthesis, helping to further curb global warming.
                    Biodiesel partners:
                    National Biodiesel Board
                    United States Department of Agriculture
                    United States Department of Energy
                    National Renewable Energy LAboratory
                    American Soybean Association
                    Sustainable Biodiesel Alliance

                    National Biodiesel Board
                    All Things Biodiesel
                    c/o National Biodiesel Board
                    3337a Emerald Lane
                    PO Box 104898
                    Jefferson City. MO 65110-4898
                    UNITED STATES
                    Phone (800) 841-5849
                    Email: [email protected]

                    Biodiesel Financial Services
                    Biodiesel is the fastest growing alternative fuel in the US market with production having tripled between 2005 and 2006, from 75 million gallons to about 250 million gallons.¹
                    The predicted explosive production growth over the next ten years requires investment in state-of-the-art equipment and labs for analysis and testing, and research and development. Staying ahead of the competition is key, yet it is important to keep precious capital and lines of credit free to seize opportunities for future growth. Fast credit approval and simple documentation also make leasing an excellent financing choice.

                    We are the exclusive biodiesel equipment financing company offering lease financing plans through the web site, All Things ² While biodiesel is an emerging industry, we have specialized in financing test and measurement equipment and scientific instrumentation for 16 years.
                    [email protected]
                    1719 Route 10
                    Suite 306
                    Parsippany, NJ 0705
                    Attached Files
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                      Re: Ethanol/Methanol

                      Ethanol Producers Magazine

                      Ethanol Suppliers
                      Comprehensive nationwide list


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                        Re: Biomass

                        Biomass is a renewable source of energy that is more sustainable than fossil fuels and more dependable than wind or solar. Its coproducts provide an environmentally friendly and safe alternative to common petrochemicals.

                        Biomass magazine

                        World Biomass Directory
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                          Re: Biobased Products-Green Your Business

                          Biobased Products

                          United Soybean Board
                          Tel 703-281-4300
                          Fax 703-281-4300
                          Karen Edwards/Consultant
                          [email protected]

                          Offers a resource center forgovernment employees with information on a wide array of biobased products from cleaning solvents to lubricants to carpet backing and spray foam insulation.
                          Go To:

                          Green Products, LLC
                          221 E. Rocbaar Drive • Romeoville, Illinois 60446
                          Toll Free: 877.474.7481• Phone: 815.407-0900 • Fax: 815.407.0906
                          Email: [email protected]
                          In the United States, the building environment accounts for approximately one-third of all energy, water and materials consumption and generates similar proportions of pollution.

                          Changing the type of materials we use to construct these buildings is everyone’s responsibility. Governmental regulations, environmental design concerns and skyrocketing energy costs are just some of the factors that have contributed to this wave of change.

                          Our mission at Green Products is to bring biobased product innovations from the fields of the farm, to the lab and ultimately to your building.

                          Gemtek Products, LLC
                          3808 N. 28th Avenue, Phoenix, Arizona 85017
                          T. 602.265.8586
                          F. 602.265.7241
                          E. [email protected]
                          Gemtek® Products, removes fats, greases, oils, and sugars without reacting with or damaging the cleaning surfaces, has been recognized by EPA's Design for the Environment program and is certified by SCAQMD (California) as a Clean Air Solvent. SC-1000™ is available through the GSA
                          Supply Schedule (#GS-07F-5942R).

                          Soy Technologies, LLC
                          1050 Elizabeth Drive - Unit 4
                          Nicholasville, KY 40356
                          Leslie Smith at 859.881.1200
                          or fax 859.275.7511
                          Leslie's email: [email protected]
                          We manufacture bio-solvent based degreasers, graffiti removal products, paint and polyurethane strippers, general purpose cleaners, metal and stainless steel polishes, hand cleaners, sanitizers and specialty products."

                          Vertec BioSolvents, Inc.
                          1441 Branding Lane, Suite 100
                          Downers Grove, IL 60515
                          fax 630-960-0660

                          [email protected]
                          Carbon Neutral Bio-Based Solvents
                          VERTEC BIOSOLVENTS is the world's most innovative supplier of biobased solvents derived from corn, soybeans, citrus fruits and other renewable feedstocks.

                          Spartan Chemical Company, Inc.
                          1110 Spartan Drive
                          Maumee, OH 43537-0110
                          Phone: (419) 531-5551
                          FAX: (419) 536-8423
                          Toll Free: (800) 537-8990

                          Customer Service:
                          [email protected]
                          Domestic Sales:
                          [email protected]
                          International Sales & Service:[email protected]
                          To provide a line of biobased products that promotes our renewable resources and contributes to environmental improvement

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                            Re: Pressure Vessels-CNG/Hydrogen

                            Storage Cylinders CNG/Hydrogen

                            All our Type 1 Cylinders are USDOT FMVSS-304 certified. Our cylinders are also ISO 11439, ISO 9809, ECE R 110, IRAM 2526, NZS 5454 and COVEN 3683 compliant and certified for worldwide service.

                            American CNG, LLC
                            Toll Free: 855-CNG-TANK
                            Email: [email protected]
                            Fax: 888-331-6492

                            BAC Technologies Inc
                            8115 Calland Road
                            West Liberty, OH 43357-9604
                            Phone: 937-465-BACT (2228)
                            Toll Free: 866-308-BACT (2228)
                            Fax: 937-465-2334
                            Email us at: [email protected]
                            BAC is an approved and registered pressure vessel manufacturer with the U.S. Department of Transportation (D.O.T.). Our Registration Number is M5324. Our vast knowledge of a variety of composite materials allows us to design and fabricate pressure vessels with aluminum liners and a variety of composite material overwraps (in an epoxy resin) including:
                            · fiberglass
                            · aramid
                            · carbon
                            In addition, we offer high pressure designs using thermoplastic liner materials and other super alloys.

                            Lincoln Composites, Inc.
                            6801 Cornhusker Highway
                            Lincoln, NE 68507 USA
                            Phone: 402-464-6611
                            1-800-279-Tank (8265)
                            Fax: 402-464-6777
                            E-mail: [email protected]
                            Our patented all-composite TUFFSHELL® NGV fuel and hydrogen tanks are manufactured with a structural shell wound from a hybrid of high-strength carbon fiber blended with tough glass filaments. These materials combined with our proprietary epoxy resin system and high-density polyethylene liner provides outstanding toughness and durability at a competitive price.

                            Luxfer Gas Cylinders
                            LUXFER GAS CYLINDERS (USA)
                            Head Office & Sales, 3016 Kansas Avenue, Riverside, California
                            92507 USA
                            T: +1 951 684 5110
                            F: +1 951 328 1117
                            Established in 1898, Luxfer Gas Cylinders has grown to become the world leader in the development, production and supply of seamless, extruded aluminum and composite high-pressure cylinders for the storage of gases. With five manufacturing sites in Europe and North America and sales offices in many countries, Luxfer Gas Cylinders is positioned to meet all your high-pressure gas storage needs, whether global or local.

                            Structural Composites Industries
                            325 Enterprise Place
                            Pomona, CA 91768
                            (909) 594-7777
                            Sales and Marketing Department General Inquiries:
                            [email protected]

                            Structural Composites Industries is the world leader in design and manufacturing of lightweight, aluminum-lined, composite-wrapped, high-pressure cylinders. Whether this is a 1-liter Home Oxygen Therapy (HOT)cylinder or state of the art hydrogen cylinder for the transportation industry, SCI can do it all. SCI's customer list includes the world leaders in transit bus, automobile, aerospace and Self Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA) cylinder applications. Why not add your company to this list of prestigious, satisfied customers. Call or e-mail us with your inquiries today.

                            Personnel Certification is the CSA America program that certifies an individual’s knowledge within a specific subject area, by conducting an assessment against objectively identified criteria and then providing formal recognition.

                            View Phone/Fax Number More Services »

                            Advancing People Performance In today's economy new technology is introduced at a rapid rate, quite often resulting in inconsistency in education and training. The goal of our certification programs is to improve public safety and the environment through the development and application of specific worker competency criteria that address the needs of workers, industry, regulators, and the general public. Unlike qualification based programs that consider an individual's education and general qualifications, CSA America's program examines an individual's measurable competency.
                            We have the infrastructure, the capacity, and the processes in place to develop and deliver competency criteria for a wide range of industries.
                            Current Programs that CSA America offers:
                            CNG Fuel System Inspector for Natural Gas Vehicles
                            Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Verifier
                            Gas Laboratory Technicians
                            Green Globes Assessor for Green Buildings
                            Additional personnel certification programs are currently under development leveraging CSA’s proficiency in facilitating expert committees toward a common goal.
                            CNG Fuel System Inspector Certification CSA America’s CNG Certification Program covers the entire fuel system:

                            The CNG Fuel System Inspector Certification program replaces the CNG Cylinder Inspector Certification. This improved, expanded program offers inspectors the highest level of certification to include the inspection of containers, valves, PRDs (including vent system) and other fuel system components of compressed natural gas powered vehicles. The certification will follow the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 17024 standard for personnel certification programs.







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                              Re: CNG Station Construction/Consulting/Engineering/Dispensers/Card ReadersSales

                              CNG Station Construction/Consulting/Engineering

                              Tulsa Gas Technologies (TGT)
                              4809 S. 101st E. Ave
                              Tulsa, Ok 74146
                              Ph 918-665-2641
                              Fax 918-665-2657
                              Tom Sewell/President
                              email: [email protected]

                              Broadlux and
                              Multiforce (card readers)
                              PO Box 7303
                              Laguna Niguel, Ca 92607
                              Ph 949-707-5600
                              Fax 949-855-7986
                              toll free 888-332-4390
                              President: Ray Ridell/Sales
                              [email protected]

                              Angi International
                              15 Plumb St
                              Milton, Wi 53563
                              Ph 608- 868-4626
                              fax 608-868-2723
                              Dan Hicks/Sales-Application Developement
                              email: [email protected]
                              cell 608-332-8947

                              EPM Gas Technology®
                              EPM Gas Technology® offers solutions in all those projects requiring specific development, especially large, complex ones in any of the various vehicular gas applications: CNG, LNG, LPG or H2.

                              The services offered by EPM Gas Technology® are mainly aimed at public and private organizations that need to encourage the development of vehicular gas, investors interested in participating in these projects, energy industry companies, as well as municipal transport fleets, MSW services, courier fleets, etc.
                              11013 Woodstock Streer, P.O.Box 664, Huntley, IL. 60142
                              [email protected]

                              Compressor Manufacturer/Dispensers/Turnkey Stations

                              General Physics Corporation (GP)
                              For more information, contact us:
                              GP World Headquarters
                              6095 Marshalee Drive, Suite 300
                              Elkridge, MD 21075 USA
                              Tel: 410-379-3600
                              Toll Free Information Lines
                              United States: 1-888-843-4784
                              Canada: 1-800-668-0316
                              E-mail: [email protected]
                              Web Site:
                              GP has provided professional engineering design services for 25 liquefied natural gas (LNG) and liquid to compressed natural gas (LCNG) refueling stations in California, Arizona, and Texas. We also provided construction services at approximately one-third of these facilities. All civil, mechanical, and electrical professional design was performed with in-house staff. Of these stations, 22 have been successfully permitted and constructed and are currently in operation. The remaining three stations are currently in permitting or currently under construction.

                              Station Construction/Maint/Repair
                              PO Box 2644
                              Sante Fe Springs, Ca 90670
                              ph 562-484-9335
                              fax 562-484-9337
                              12001 N. Houston Rosslyn
                              Houston, Texas 77086
                              Telephone: (281) 447-8787
                              Fax: (281) 447-0821

                              CNG compressors up to 40hp
                              600 Old HWY 271 South
                              Fort Smith, AR 72916

                              SoCal Gas/Sempra Utilities
                              Natural Gas Vehicle Division
                              555 W. Fifth St, GT15E4
                              Los Angeles, Ca 90013-1035
                              Tel 213-244-3583
                              Fax 213-244-5039
                              Steve Anthony/Account Exec
                              [email protected]

                              Marie-Genevieve Poitras/Sales Mgr-Gas Products N. America
                              730, Boulavard Industrial
                              Blainsville, Quebec, Canada J7C 3V4
                              Tel 450-979-8718
                              Cell 514-214-3008
                              Filtration/Seperation/Purification/Dehydration/Adsortion Technology.
                              Toll Free 877-469-3232
                              [email protected]
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