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Interesting new bio-fuel process

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  • Interesting new bio-fuel process

    Centia™ - An Innovative Technology for Converting any Renewable Oil into High-Value FuelsOverview
    Diversified Energy Corporation (DEC) and North Carolina State University (NCSU) are developing a patent-pending technology for converting oils derived from any triglyceride feedstock (like agriculture crops, animal fats, algae, energy crops, waste greases, etc.) to highvalue biofuels. The technology, termed Centia™ (a derivation of “green power” in Latin), integrates a sequence of three steps as shown in Figure 1 to produce biogasoline, Jet A-1/JP-8 (aviation fuel), and renewable diesel. Unlike ethanol and transesterification-based biodiesel, the biofuels produced from Centia™ will replicate the chemical structure of their petroleum-derived counterparts, therefore enhancing performance and eliminating required modifications to distribution infrastructures, storage techniques, and engines. The process steps are either extensions of existing commercial systems or based on recent technology demonstrations by DEC-NCSU.
    Feedstock costs can often contribute as much as 60 - 80% to the cost of producing biofuels. For this reason, a key attribute of Centia™ is its ability to utilize a wide variety of inputs. This provides the owner and operator of a biofuels plant the flexibility to use the most attractive feedstock at any given time or location. Centia™ can utilize oils from crops being used today for the manufacture of biodiesel – like soybean, canola, palm, and jatropa, among others. In addition, the process will be perfectly suited to use up-and-coming feedstocks like algal oils. Lastly, the process can use oils from sources that are generally perceived as having a lower market value, such as waste greases and animal fats (e.g., beef tallow, hog lard, and chicken grease). The ability of Centia™ to use any triglyceride feedstock is therefore a key process discriminator.
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