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  • New: Clean Cities Coordinator List

    As the Alternative Fuels Manager for Robertson's Palmdale Honda I do a lot of outreach activities throughout Southern California. The Cruise-In and Expo at Thunder on the Lot, I speak at schools, aerospace companies, military installations, Earth Day events and so forth.

    Due to the efforts I make to further cng and alternative fuels in general, I have been asked to assume the position of Clean Cities Coordinator for the greater Antelope Valley area.

    I will keep my day job and try and figure out how to juggle the requirements of this new responsibility concurrently.

    The primary goal of Clean Cities is to advance the use of alternative fueled vehicles and their supporting infrastructure, and actually are a limb of the Dept of Energy, established out of the Energy Policy Act of 1992.

    Virtually all of us are proponents of the goals of Clean Cities, otherwise we wouldn't be members of this site and others that target our other interests, like Pickens Plan.

    I am posting a link to the list of all the Clean Cities Coordinators throughout the country here at.

    I would encourage every one of you to contact this individual and ask to join your local coalition, either as an individual, or as a business, if you aren't already a member.

    Clean Cities is the heart of the driving force behind new station developement, new models of cng vehicles coming to market, new conversions for the market, funding and grant opportunities for R&D and projects, as well as support and lobbying power for new legislation.

    Support from us is going to be even more important as cng comes more to the forefront of realistic and available options to gasoline and deisel. We at cngchat make up a considerable number industry professionals, as well as experts on natural gas vehicles.

    Only a few short years ago many of our most knowledgeable members were just cng owners looking for other owners to compare notes with. Today you jump in and answer the newbee's questions as well as I could. My hat is off to you. You have graduated from student to teacher. Perhaps we can use that expertise to raise up the next generation of believers and teachers.

    Join your local CCC coalition and add to the voice. Take what you've created here to the next level, as I am doing. We should strive to never become complacent with where we are. There is always a "next level". We proved it with the Yahoo groups (where we started) and turned it into cngchat. This is the next logical step on our journey.

    CNGChat can develope a political voice that will help carry us to the goal of energy independence, something that is critical over the course of the next decade. Clean Cities is a tremendous tool for developing that voice, in having a say in how things develope over the course of the forseeable future.

    Join up, speak up, and help me help all of us to be heard.
    If you join, or are already are a CCC member, please add your name and coalition name to this thread so we can see it grow.

    If anyone can take this document and convert them into other formats to make them more accessible, I would appeciate it.

    John and I will also create a Clean Cities Roundtable within this site to promote the free flow of resources and ideas. John, I'll be in Big Sky Montana from the 15th to the 19th for their big Coordinators National Convention. I will announce it officially there.
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    Hey Curt,

    Good luck with your new assignment with Clean Cities. This is a great organization which many of us on the forums are proud to be members of.
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      Re: New: Clean Cities Coordinator List


      I would add that this is one of the few government/private sector programs that works!

      Any CCC personnel in our/your area should, by definition, be an alternative fuel advocate and hence a networking resource.

      You're joining an elite group and one that we've been active with since their inception. Give Sam Spofforth a call ((614) 884-7336) here in Ohio.

      Best regards,



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        Re: New: Clean Cities Coordinator List

        I'm leaving Monday AM for the National CCC event in Big Sky, Wy. Hopefully I'll meet Sam there, if not... I'll get in touch when I return. Thanks.


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          Re: New: Clean Cities Coordinator List

          Curtis are you going the NGV conference in SD this weekend?
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            Re: New: Clean Cities Coordinator List

            Curtis, I looked at the CCC list via your link. Where does Orange County fit in?

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              Re: New: Clean Cities Coordinator List

              Orange County is South Coast AQMD. Its Joanne Armenta's area for Clean Cities. Awsome lady with a lot on the ball. There is a list of all coordinators and their contact info if you need it in the Clean Cities Forum.

              She's listed in So Cal CC. She's out of Diamond Bar. 909 396 5757
              or try this one: Heloise Froelich
              City of Los Angeles
              200 North Spring Street
              Suite 2005
              Los Angeles, CA 90012 213-978-0854 /


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                Re: New: Clean Cities Coordinator List

                Originally posted by Lancer Automotive Group View Post
                Curtis are you going the NGV conference in SD this weekend?
                I'd love to go, but I don't think I can get away. I have a brutal work schedule. I was trying to figure out how to make it work, but its just not happening for me. Was hoping to visit my daughter down there. I'm bummed.