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    I want to run car by CNG gas so that it is cheaper for me to travel. Normally all cars are made for Oil running. If I convert it with CNG kit will it have any problem running on GAS? If yes what can be done to prevent it. Please suggest. My understanding is the RATIO of fuel and air is fixed and it veries depending on the sensors in the car which feedback the the O2 % exhausted and depending on the feedback the car refix the ratio. This Ratio is for oil but while car runs on CNG should not the ratio be fixed. Another problem car with 1300cc running on gas do not give good performance while AC is switched on. How can I fix the problem. What is a GAS kit how would I know my GAS kit is safe.Thank you.

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    Re: CNG conversion

    Hello Bangladesh!

    I've visited your country twice to help establish safety codes and standards for Natural Gas Vehicles (tghree wheelers included). I went to several dealers and independent servcie and repair facilities in Dhaka that might be able to help. Trying to do it yourself without the proper equipment and training would be a little risky.

    There's not a lot of material available electronically but you can download a Study Guide for CNG Fuel System Inspectors at: There's a lot of good information at that website.

    I'd think your best source for kits and high pressure cylinders would be in India. They have a huge Natural Gas Vehicle community.

    (Anything from the U.S. is going to be too expensive...sorry).

    Good luck,