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loud knock @ start-up?

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  • larrycng
    Re: loud knock @ start-up?

    Look back by the tanks and fuel lines and see if the that system is equipped with either electric tank valves (look for 2 wires coming out of the valve) or it might also have a high pressure lock-off. The lock-off will also have 2 wires from the solenoid which is mounted on top of the valve assembly.

    Have someone turn the key on and off so you can spot the device.

    Hope this helps


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  • russ
    started a topic loud knock @ start-up?

    loud knock @ start-up?

    Hello Forum,
    I have a question concerning the 2001 Dodge Ram van I recently purchased. When the key is turned to the "ON" position, I'm getting a very audible clunk, which seems to be at or near the front two tanks. When I purchased the van, the tanks were approx. half full, and there was no noise, but after filling, it has made the clunking noise every time I start it. I'm thinking this isn't right. Anyone ever have a similar problem, and if so, what's the fix? It starts and runs fine, but is it unsafe to drive? Thanks in advance for any help, Russ