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Landrover Series 3 SWB 1973

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  • Landrover Series 3 SWB 1973

    I am thinking of converting / adding a system to the above truck...

    Anyone ever worked on a Landrover...?

    Being an old beast it's real simple technology and there is NOT a computer or injector in sight !

    Can one buy kits to install oneself ??

    Or do you HAVE TO use certified garages ... if so I am 100% sure that will NOT be availaible in Utah and CA is long way to drive !

    In UT we don't have smog tests and Inspection is pretty rudimentary...

    Any thoughts ideas most welcome either on this board on direct.

    [email protected]

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    Re: Landrover Series 3 SWB 1973

    I guess you are never going to carry more than 2 people and limited cargo
    by the time you get a tank bolted in the back?
    Dave Clement


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      Re: Landrover Series 3 SWB 1973

      They were popular for Landies in the UK. I have worked with LR for 15 years.


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        Re: Landrover Series 3 SWB 1973

        The truck is not an essential vehicle - its really for wandering the back dirt roads in the desert. I feel a little guilty sucking gas so CNG/LPG seemd a good way to ease the guilt ;-)


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          Re: Landrover Series 3 SWB 1973

          Have you done comnversions ? Is it as straight forward as some suggest it should be ?


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            Re: Landrover Series 3 SWB 1973

            Tons of people in Europe have converted LR's to run on LPG where they EPA hasnt screwed everthing up for the little guy. CNG is just like LPG once you get it to 100psi with a high pressure regulator. I believe I have stumbled on entire forums based on land rover LPG kits so just give google a whack. I'd even look on Ebay, search for "OMVL" or "LPG" mixer. OMVL will get you a reg, the brits can get the CNG specific ones even though they only list the LPG ones. They will have mixers specifically made for your intake / engine i'm pretty sure.

            I think this is OK to talk about since this is on an OLD 1973 car where the EPA shouldent be involved and you kit would for offroad use. If not, the CNGChat gustapo will no doubt get after it, and rightly so, they gotta protect themselves, but hopefully this is in the same area as converting a boat or something similar.

            Only issue I see is paying someone qualified to run high pressure lines to set up the tank / lines which should not be all that expensive.

            Good Luck!