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  • Camry CNG Specs

    Don't try and convert a regular camry the cng engine is very modified and you will not get good performance unless you make these modifications.

    The 5S-FNE engine uses CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) as fuel, which has been developed based on the 5S-FE gasoline engine. The main component of natural gas is methane (CH4), which has fewer carbous (C) than gasoline (mean molecular formula: C7.5H13.4). Therefore, the amount of CO2 discharged by this engine is approximately 70% that of the gasoline engine. Furthermore, this engine achieves low-emission operation by precisely controlled air-fuel ratio and using special catalysts for the CNG application. However, because the fuel is in the gaseous form, its volumetric efficiency is low, causing lower power output if this fuel is used in the base engine.

    Therefore, the 5S-FNE engine has adopted the following features: a high compression ratio, the intake valves with early closed timing, the intake and exhaust valves with increased lift, a low back pressure muffler made possible by the 2-way exhaust system, injectors for gaseous fuel, and a catalytic converter designed exclusively for CNG application. At the same time, precision air-fuel ratio control is effected through the use of the air-fuel ratio sensor* and the heater oxygen sensor, thus achieving the level of performance that is equivalent to the base engine. Moreover, this engine realizes extremely low emissions and restoring engine torque.

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    Re: Camry CNg Specs

    so can you buy a camry like this? or can you buy the motor and swap it in to a regular camry?


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      Re: Camry CNg Specs

      Only 300 cng camrys were made between 2000 and 2001. I've only seen 2 camry cng motors in junk yards and it's not that easy to just drop a motor in and go. In some states it's easy to get through smog and the DMV others like California with CARB it's a red tape nightmare to convert a vehicle.
      Besides the engine you need the ECU, fuel tank$$$$ and all the CNG specific parts. Your better off buying a used OEM factory CNG vehicle. The Civic GX is a great car used or new as dedicated. Since your in Flagstaff az you might want to look at a duel fuel Chevy cavalier or Tahoe.... just in case you can't get cng one day or want to drive out of state. Talk to Murphy at cng motors or go to a GSA auction.


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        Re: Camry CNG Specs

        Great info camryman, here are some more details about what makes the Camry CNG different. This list covers all changes made to the 99-00 model year Camry (also known as Generation 4.5). The CNG specific items are in bold.

        1. Model Line-Up
        The 5S-FNE CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) engine model has been added.

        2. Exterior
        -Four new exterior colors have been added, for a total of 10 colors.
        -The design of the front and rear bumpers has been changed.
        -The bumper and the radiator grille have been made separate, and the radiator grille is chrome-plated.
        -The side protection molding has been increased in size. On the XLE grade model, chrome stripes have been adopted for the side protection molding.
        -The 4-light multi-reflector type headlights are adopted with new styling.
        -The design and styling of the rear combination light has been changed.
        -The 16” aluminum alloy wheel and wheel cap has been added.
        -The styling of the 15” full wheel cover has been changed.

        3. Interior
        -Wood-grain panels have been adopted in the interior of the XLE grade model.
        CRS tether anchor brackets have been provided on the package tray trim. (except 5S-FNE engine Model)
        -A clock with an outside temperature gauge has been provided on the models with manual air conditioning.

        4. 5S-FE Engine
        -The intake system from the inlet duct to the throttle body has been improved to increase torque and reduce noise.
        -The direction of the rotation of the radiator cooling fan has been reversed.
        -A 2-way exhaust control system has been adopted on the TMMK made model.
        -Along with the discontinuance of the air assist system, the fuel injectors and the IAC valve have been changed for the California specification model, in order to meet ULEV (Ultra-Low Emission Vehicle) requirement.
        -The system for detecting evaporative emission leaks has been changed. For details, see the General 2000

        5. 5S-FNE Engine
        -Based on the 5S-FE gasoline engine, the 5S-FNE engine uses compressed natural gas. The fuel lines have been designed exclusively for compressed natural gas application.

        6. 1MZ-FE Engine
        -The system for detecting evaporative emission leaks has been changed.
        -A diagnostic trouble code (DTC) has been added for indicating a thermostat malfunction.

        7. Automatic Transaxle
        -The overdrive switch has been changed to the momentary type. For details, see the General 2000 Features section.
        -The differential gear ratio of the A140E automatic transaxle has been changed for the 5S-FNE engine model to accommodate the performance of the 5S-FNE engine.

        8. Brakes
        -The specifications of the front and rear brakes have been changed.

        9. Suspension
        -The front and rear springs, stabilizers, and shock absorbers have been modified to realize excellent stability, controllability, and riding comfort.

        10. Steering
        -A check valve has been added to the power steering gear box to help reduce kickback.
        The rack stroke of the 5S-FE engine model has been changed to 145mm (5.71 in.), which is the same as in the 1MZ-FE engine.

        11. Body
        -Hood support dampers are used.
        -Two utility hooks added in the luggage room for the gasoline engine model.
        -To install the fuel tank in the front area of the luggage compartment, the upper back panel has been cut out for the 5S-FNE engine model.
        -A performance rod that joins the tops of the right and left rear suspension strut towers has been adopted for the 5S-FNE engine model.
        -The shape of the rear floor pan has been changed to prevent the luggage compartment capacity from being reduced as a result of the installation of the fuel tank in the luggage compartment for the 5S-FNE engine model.

        12. Seat
        -The seat cover of the LE grade model has been changed.
        -Optional driver power seat added for the LE grade model.
        -A fixed type seat back is used for the rear seat for the 5S-FNE engine model.

        13. Seat Belt
        -2-point NR (Non-Retractor) seat belt is used for the rear center seat for the 5S-FNE engine model.

        14. Wireless Door Lock Control
        -Audio answer back is adopted.

        15. Lighting
        -Along with the adoption of the 4-beam headlights, the electrical circuit of the daytime running light system has been changed.

        16. Air Conditioning
        -The air inlet mode selector of heater control panel has been changed from the lever type to the push button type on the CE and LE grade model.
        -When the air outlet mode is set to the DEF or FOOT/DEF mode, the air inlet mode also changes to the FRESH mode, has been also added on the CE and LE grade model.
        -A fully automatic controlled type air conditioning is used on the XLE grade model.
        -A defroster-linked air conditioning start up control has been continuing to use since the previous models with air conditioning.

        17. SRS Airbag
        -The inflator of the SRS airbag for the driver has been made more compact and lightweight.
        A signal that causes the supply of fuel to be cut off during a frontal collision is output by the airbag sensor assembly to the ECM for the 5S-FNE engine model.

        18. Audio
        -An integrated, 2DIN size radio, cassette, and CD player unit is provided on the CE and LE grade models.
        -An integrated, 2DIN size radio, cassette, and CD changer unit and JBL speakers are provided on the XLE grade model as standard equipment, and on the LE grade model except the 5S-FNE engine model as optional equipment.
        -3-way rear speakers are used for the 5S-FNE engine model
        2000 Toyota Camry CNG
        FuelMaker Phill v1.0


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          Re: Camry CNG Specs

          Great Info
          I don't think my camry has this rod I'll have to take a look.
          -A performance rod that joins the tops of the right and left rear suspension strut towers has been adopted for the 5S-FNE engine mode.