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LPG Cylinder Price Fluctuations

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  • LPG Cylinder Price Fluctuations

    We all knew that the price of LPG Cylinder get increased over a certain period of time. May I know the reason for that?

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    The price of liquified petroleum gas (LPG) fluctuates right along with the price of crude oil because it is a petroleum product, just like gasoline or diesel. Natural gas (methane) is not a petroleum product and does not vary in price as much because there is so much of it that they don't know what to do with it all. Even by liquefying natural gas, they run out of room to store it all.


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      As Hyper wrote, the US has a glut of LPG. By product of both oil and natural gas production.

      The wholesale commodity price in north America is driven by the agriculture industry ( largest single user ). The retail price is in north America is driven by demand for heating fuel in the winter . Commodity price can be $.0.75 / gallon, and retail $ 4.25 / gallon at the same time. About $ 0.65 right now Pretty good markup even with transportation and storage cost.

      On consumer exchange cylinders available at retail stores, some of the suppliers advertise a lower cost by selling a partial fill tank. Check the label for how many pounds of lpg are in the exchange cylinder.


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        lakewood you hit the nail on the head and drove it through the board. I have bitched about this for several years. this is a ripoff as a 20 lb cylinder should have 20 pounds in it. it is like buying a 4 pound jar of peanut butter and getting 3 pounds in it and saying well we put it on the label in very small print you should have read it. a 20 lb cylinder is not full if it has only 15 pounds in it. where I come from we call that STEALING and the person doing it a THIEF!!!!!!!!