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Diesel - CNG 50-50 duel fuel

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  • Diesel - CNG 50-50 duel fuel

    It has taken me some time, but I have put together a CNG system on my 2000 Cummins. I am trying to run a 50-50 mixture of CNG to Diesel. However, I know I am getting much less than that. The regulator that I am using is connected to my alternator bracket, and only has to travel about 6 inches to my intake. I have used the largest fittings and hoses possible to allow the most flow of CNG, but I don't think I am getting enough suction to the regulator to release more CNG. I believe this is so because I have a massive air filter, along with a bigger turbo.
    I took it to a guy here in Utah to check it out, and he said not to adjust the main screw on the regulator and just leave it be. So, what can I do from here to get more CNG? I am not getting any real mpg or power increase!
    Thank you for any help!
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    I am not at all a mechanic, but if you are experimenting with mixing cng or propane in with diesel, get an exhaust gas temp gauge installed if you don't already have one. You don't want to become a member of the " Melted Pistons Club " . A few of the members here have done these setups. Cowboy and CNG Motors have done these rigs.


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      I have an EGT gauge setup right on my exhaust manifold! I know the CNG should be increasing my EGTs, but it isn't, also leading me to believe that I am not getting enough cng.