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    The recently launched V90 Bi-Fuel, primarily focused on taxi and fleet customers, demonstrates this ability to provide both a superior driving experience and excellent environmental benefits. This vehicle is based on the same engine technology as the Volvo V60, another model offered with a Bi-Fuel option, developed and brought to market through the collaboration of Westport and Volvo Car. 2.0L 4 cyl, turbo-charged, 254HP, 8-sp auto, 240mi CNG range plus 600mi gasoline. Available in Sweden.

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    NICE !! Now we need Curtis to take up "New Cause" since Honda gave up ghost on Civic GX. Time to startup Volvo dealerships in USA with public CNG pumps to fill bi-fuel Volvos !!

    Need to better balance the driving range on CNG as it's only 240 mi of the total 840 mi range of the bi-fuel V90. CNG driving range should be be around 350 or 400 miles.


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      Thanks for sharing. Would love to have a Volvo V60 T5.