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The first production Plug-in-Prius hit the road

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  • The first production Plug-in-Prius hit the road

    Some went to pre-order customers in Northern CA on Monday , some to southern CA dealers Tuesday . Mine has not even been built yet. Dealer stock will start later in the year , after all customers with pre-orders have been filled.Dealers will have a few to sell on the showroom floor , as any order canceled by a pre-order customer customer will go to a lucky dealer.They may mark up the price ju$t a bit.
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    Re: The first production Plug-in-Prius hit the road

    We look forward to you getting the car and hearing of your experiences with it. I got interested in CNG vehicles when gasoline hit $3 back in 2007. My intent was to buy a plug in Prius aftermarket conversion, but then I found out about the Honda GX and its plug-in garage Phill compressor. Further investigation revealed a nice network of public CNG refueling infrastructure here in Utah with pricing at the time of just 69 cents per gge. Haven't looked back since