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    This is a new vehicle which will not be in production until early 2009 but if/when it does get to production I think it's going to be one fun car to drive. I'm still hoping that they might do a CNG version but the size of the tank would be a major issue.

    See Fly the Road

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    Well the Venture One is getting closer to production. The following is a bit old but updated information should be coming soon. If you want to follow the V1 more closely go to both FlytheRoadClub and FlytheRoad.

    Originally from Venture Vehicles web site.

    A lot has been going on since we last talked!
    First and foremost, we've been working on further vehicle design refinements, some of which, we're sharing with you now. And while I know I’m a bit biased, I think the designs look incredible. I know you've been waiting for this, but I recommend that you look at these in order:

    Original Concept C and D:

    Refined Concept C:

    Original Concept D and color exploration:

    Concept D Interim refinement:

    More refined Concept D and color exploration:

    Was there an "A" and "B" concept? Yes... and some of the elements of A found there way into the C refinement ("B" -- while interesting and well executed -- was just not the direction we were looking for).
    From here, the 2 candidate designs go to full-size foam modeling. This is unusual. In general, 40% models of the candidate designs are created as part of the final selection process. I felt that to really appreciate the vehicle in context, they had to be full-sized.
    In addition to the vehicle design, there has been a tremendous amount of work that is continuing regarding the vehicle’s engineering, and component sourcing -- with a paramount focus on quality, safety and delivering the right performance specs. We are also on schedule for finalizing our brand development and we’re even exploring new names for vehicle. We are targeting to have those key components finalized by the first of year as well.
    As many of you now know, Venture Vehicles was spotlighted this past Wednesday in a New York Times article that focused on new forms of transportation, and the companies developing them. Matt Richtel (the author) actually had the opportunity to drive the Carver vehicle with Howard and I here in Southern California -- which I’m sure explains one of his quotes in the article:
    Originally posted by Matt Richtel
    Driving the vehicle is intense, fun and, depending on your capacity for speed and being periodically horizontal, exhilarating.
    He had very complimentary things to say about my footwear too. Here’s the link to the article in case you missed it:

    A generation of digital-era Henry Fords are trying to apply to carmaking the same entrepreneurial spirit that built the information superhighway.

    Finally, as part of our Meet the Team, you’ll have the opportunity to meet me—at least in video. We thought it would be nice for you to at least see and hear from some of the key people that are helping to bring this incredible vehicle to reality.

    That’s it for now. Thanks again for your continued support, and our best wishes to you and your family for a happy and safe Thanksgiving!
    -- Ian

    Posted on official VVsite: 2007-11-18 08:44:28