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    Re: chargers for electric cars

    I think the best current solution to an affordable and dependable EVSE is building one. See: . The cable and connector have also come down in price significantly; 30A and 15A versions are now under $150 : .

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      Just, out of the blue, I typed Canada Mexico EV into a search engine and up pops a 2013 EV British Columbia to Baja California (BC2BC) trip. 41 hours driving time. 8 days. 321mi was the maximum covered in one day.

      In long stretches where chargers weren’t available, the drivers used their own adapter cord to plug into 240V at campgrounds. 110V only provides 15 miles of range per hour of charge. Vehicles making the run were Tesla S and Roadster, Zero S motorcycle, Leaf, RAV4 EV, and Mitsubishi i-MiEV.

      The planner of the road rally, Tony Williams, did the BC2BC trip solo, in 2012, in a Nissan Leaf.

      2012 was the year of the CNG Coast2Coast trip, followed by the Canada2Mexico CNG trip in 2014. The 2012 Civic GX was driven from L.A. to Seattle in 23 hours prior to starting the 2014 run. Washington State Patrol stopped it for speeding at 10pm just before arriving in Seattle, and the chase car - a 2001 Civic - was also stopped for going too slow (about to run out of fuel). Each received a warning after the officers realized the publicity involved.

      Still haven’t seen any publicity about an EV Coast to Coast trip.


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        Bosch (8900$) and Delta (9999$) both have single phase DC fast chargers that work on single phase (25kw)
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          Haydn Watters for CBC News July 7 2019 - Wade Anderson hopes to cover 32 states, 5 provinces and territories in 2 months

          The Tucson AZ man is three weeks into a road trip around the continent in his electric car, a Tesla Model 3. Along the way, he will be attempting to get to Prudhoe Bay, Alaska, the northernmost point you can drive to in the U.S. To get there, he will head through Canada. He is still figuring out how charging will work that far north.

          I am just going on a journey, he said at a pit stop in Woodstock, Ontario, 16 days into his trip. It is important to get out there and just live life and have these experiences.

          Superchargers give the fastest charge and the most range. A standard 120-volt outlet only gives about 8 km (4 mi) of range per hour of charging, not ideal given Anderson plans to drive more than 25,000 km (11K mi) in just two months. Whitehorse has a charger somewhere there but, after that, he does not know yet.

          This is far from his first adventure — he once rode a bike from Key West FL, to Alaska. He is a physiotherapist in Arizona, where he works six days a week for 10 months so he can take two months off to do this kind of trip.

          The journey takes him through 32 states and into five provinces and territories. I'm hoping to be done in two months. Anderson is driving alone, but has stopped to visit old friends and new ones — he meets up with people he discovers on Twitter at superchargers along the route. He has got multiple cameras strapped up inside his car so he can document his travels and post videos online.



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            Wade Anderson traveled to all corners of the US in the summer of 2019 ... He drove his Model 3 from Arizona to Florida to Maine to Prudhoe Bay, Alaska, and then to San Diego where he met up with a Tesla interest group (including Elon Musk) at the Westminster Supercharger on August 20,2019.



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              Photo gallery provides a testimony to the remote route Wade Anderson completed in a TESLA in 2019 traveling the length and girth of the North American continent:


              His route: