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Off road - 4x4, farm tractor, outboard, ATV, dirt bikes, snowmobiles, gensets...

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  • Off road - 4x4, farm tractor, outboard, ATV, dirt bikes, snowmobiles, gensets...

    I read the "can I convert my" type thread which suggested that only legal conversions and such would be discussed.

    I was curious about conversions of everything from hot rods, to 4x4's, to farm tractors, to ATV's, to dirt bikes, to outboards, to snowmobiles... it just seems like CNG would be fun to play around with provided you have a tank you can move between applications for instance.

    If road legality is not an issue, the main issue becomes safety. I am wondering what the limits of DIY safety is, what things can you do yourself vs what things should you not do. (the recommendation about not turning wrenches on 3600 psi...) I would like to "play" with CNG fueling of various things. My goal is to not kill myself in the process. What recommendations would you have?

    One particular project I wanted to play around was a more universal multifuel engine probably on a genset used periodically for combined heat and power in a greenhouse, designed high compression to burn efficiently with anything from propane, alcohol, hydrogen, CNG, or producer gas (woodgas/coalgas). Basically the cheap fuels and the biofuels outside of gasoline and diesel. Rural natural gas is available in parts of minnesota (or i've seen it listed as the heat source for mobile homes well outside of the central cities) in contrast to most other rural areas. I might be able to run lines directly from a normal home type feed. Or it might require compression to use in tanks. (whether any cheaper alternative to a Phill becomes possible to compress natural gas for a rural/off road only tank fill situation, if we assume the tanks are certified safe, i'm not sure)