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Real Naural gas engine

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  • Real Naural gas engine

    I thought everyone would like to see a real CNG engine. The pictures pretty much say it all. It was used originally in the oil fields hence the natural gas fuel. No HP regulators, coalescing filters, simplicity of the old days. It is currently on LP (maybe it saw the error of it ways ).
    The ignition doesn’t seem to have any problems; there are two spark plug wires about 8 ft long draped over the engine from the magneto to the cylinders (couldn’t get by with that today). The fuel system doesn’t seem too compliant with NFPA 58 (or 52 for that matter).
    The picture with 3 hoses; the big hose is for starting air (140 psi), the green hose is for cooling, and the small one for fuel (LP). It is quiet running a 60 rpm, but will shake the ground when it gets turning at about 200 rpm.

    Natural gas goes back a long ways

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