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Can I convert a 1995 Toyota Tercel in FL to bi-fuel CNG?

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  • Can I convert a 1995 Toyota Tercel in FL to bi-fuel CNG?

    Hell to all,

    First of all, let me say that I have been researching the topic for some time, and I am still not completely certain if I can convert my vehicle or not. I live in S. Florida where there are several different cng filling stations. A few years back, when I first started researching this, I spoke with a filling station representative, and I believe what they said to me at the time was, that, they will not allow me to fill my car unless I have an epa certification sticker. I am almost certain that there is no certification from the epa for a toyota tercel?? I also read in this very forum, that if a vehicle is older than 1996, that there is no certification required. So at this point, I am confused and it brings me to my question. As I am not interested in violating any state or federal laws, Can I legaly convert a 1995 Toyota tercel to bi-fuel CNG and get filled by the Stations here in South Florida? If yes, what would it take to get it done correctly? If not, I hear that The Toyota camry from model year 1999-2001 has a certification. Can any Camry in that model year range be certified or it's only special models that can.? Any help with these questions would be greatly appreciated.


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    Re: Can I convert a 1995 Toyota Tercel in FL to bi-fuel CNG?

    Welcome to CNGCHAT.

    With the age of the vehicle being "Outside useful life" as defind by the epa, and unless Florida follows California smog rules, and I don't think they do, it could be done. Very costly and time consuming to do it legally. The Factory Camry was a limited production cng only car. High compression engine, special injectors, might have a different cam, different ecm program, etc. It was about the best cng car available at the time. Toyota chose to go in other directions , electric, hybryd, and fuel cell vehicles.
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      Re: Can I convert a 1995 Toyota Tercel in FL to bi-fuel CNG?

      Please review our primer here:

      Vehicles over 10 model years old are in EPA's "Outside Useful Life" category which provides a simple approval pathway. They nevertheless do need to be approved. Details are here: