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Test in UK Shows Major GHG Reduction form Biomethane Trucks

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  • Test in UK Shows Major GHG Reduction form Biomethane Trucks

    NGVAmerica Newsletter 3/11/2012
    CENEX, the UK's first Center of Excellence for low carbon vehicle technologies, has just released the results of the year-long trial running biomethane in Coca-Cola trucks. The study concludes that the Iveco Stralis biomethane trucks reduced carbon emissions by 50.3 percent (well-to-wheels) compared to equivalent diesel Stralis vehicles. This reduction was achieved using a temporary filling station. A more efficient permanent station is being installed at the Coca Cola depot, which will raise the saving to 60.7 percent. Additionally, operating the vehicles on biomethane reduced the fuel costs by 12.8 percent. Following what has been hailed a very successful trial, Coca Cola has invested in a fleet of 14 new CNG-powered Iveco Stralis vehicles (in addition to the CNG station, which is due to be fully operational in June. "Our primary reason for selecting compressed biomethane is that it has the lowest carbon intensity of all commercially available alternative fuels, allowing us to benefit from the best possible well- to-wheel saving," says Darren O'Donnell, logistics asset manager at Coca Cola.

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    Re: Test in UK Shows Major GHG Reduction form Biomethane Trucks

    Good to see. Again I think CNG is being overthought by all parties involved. It has been well documented that it is the most enviromentally friendly fossil fuel and it is abundant. Need to see more studies or more so ACTION in implementing this system


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      March 16 2017 - The Gipuzkoan company Transordizia wants to become a more environmentally efficient company through a fleet totally propelled by LNG. To this end, it has relied on IVECO and its New Stralis NP, the first heavy vehicle designed for long distances capable of achieving the same power as its diesel equivalent. It has acquired five trucks of the New Stralis NP (Natural Power), with 15 additional units to be deployed later this year.

      The new vehicles of Transordizia are propelled by an IVECO Cursor 9 Euro VI natural gas engine of 8.7 liters that offers a power of 400 horses and a maximum pair of 1,700 Nm. This model is also the first gas truck with automatic transmission of 12 speeds, thanks to the Eurotronic transmission, which guarantees a lower fuel consumption and greater comfort in driving. Larger capacity fuel tanks increase the range with the entirely LNG version, which reaches a record distance of 1,500 km.

      In July of last year, Transordizia became the first European company to cross the continent with an LNG-powered vehicle, an IVECO Stralis, refueling only at LNG stations in Madrid, Olaberria (Guipúzcoa) and Antwerp (Belgium).


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        Bioenergy Insight Oct 8, 2019 - Paris to receive 409 new biogas buses

        Two French organizations, the French Public Transport Central Purchasing Office and Ile-de-France Mobilités, have ordered 409 biogas buses for the city of Paris. The Urbanway Natural Power buses were ordered from IVECO Bus and will operate in the inner and outer suburbs of the Paris metropolitan area.

        The 12m (40ft) biogas-powered vehicles will be delivered between 2020 and 2021 and will be equipped with air conditioning, CCTV, USB ports and under-seat LED lighting. Each bus will have a range of 400km (250mi).



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          IVECO press release 23 Jan 2020

          Unveiled during a press conference at Lidl's logistics centre in Somaglia, the new IVECO Stralis NP 460 HP CNG will be powered by biomethane, a renewable and sustainable fuel both in terms of the levels of CO2 emitted by the vehicle and of life cycle emissions, which are significantly lower compared to other types of fuel.

          The true alternative that is already a reality today is biomethane, which enables the almost total abatement of CO2 emissions, creating a virtuous circle of economical and eco-friendly self-sufficiency; in fact, it is a shining example of circular economy. "The road to achieving the same conditions in terms of load capacity level, range, refilling times and infrastructures remains long, therefore we feel that the only current solution that is both readily available and economically sustainable is biomethane, in all forms, be it CNG or LNG,” Alessandro Oitana, Medium & Heavy Business Line Manager at IVECO stated.