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McNeilus NGEN CNG Systems Now Available for All Heavy-Duty Platforms

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  • McNeilus NGEN CNG Systems Now Available for All Heavy-Duty Platforms

    on 06 Nov 2014 by NGTNews
    McNeilus Truck & Manufacturing Inc. is rolling out its proprietary Next Generation (NGEN) compressed natural gas (CNG) system technology beyond its initial footprint in the refuse and concrete mixer truck sectors to include a full range of heavy-duty vehicle applications. The company says more than 5,000 NGEN CNG systems have been installed on refuse and mixer [read more]

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    Re: McNeilus NGEN CNG Systems Now Available for All Heavy-Duty Platforms

    McNeilus . . has introduced a compressed natural gas (CNG) inspection services program for CNG-powered vehicle fleets . . which includes an NFPA-52 compliance review. The service is available through the company’s service center network and fleet of mobile service vehicles.

    "With the accelerating move to CNG-powered commercial fleets, the need to maintain safe operations and meet all NFPA-52 requirements is crucial," said Brad Nelson, Oshkosh's senior vice president and president of the commercial business segment. "McNeilus has sold and installed thousands of compressed natural gas powered vehicles on the road; we understand what it takes to keep them in compliance and running at peak performance."


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      June 10, 2021 - Momentum unveils new CNG system

      Texas-based Momentum Fuel Technologies is now offering its CNG fuel system in a smaller diameter side-mount 32 and 55 diesel gallon equivalent (DGE) systems. The new system is integrated on the frame rail of the truck so it is beneficial for construction and vocational customers. Momentum systems also come equipped with neck-mounted cylinders manufactured by Luxfer.



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        Heavy Duty Trucking June 29, 2021 - Cummins to Produce Natural Gas Fuel Delivery Systems

        Cummins has signed a letter of intent to acquire a 50% equity interest in Momentum Fuel Technologies from Rush Enterprises. The acquistion will create a joint venture between Rush Enterprises and Cummins.

        The venture will produce Cummins-branded natural gas fuel delivery systems for the commercial vehicle market in North America, combining the strengths of Momentum Fuel Technologies’ CNG fuel delivery systems with Cummins’ powertrain expertise.

        Both Cummins’ and Rush Enterprises’ respective networks — which together represent over 250 locations in the U.S. and Canada — will be equipped with CNG certified technicians and access to a comprehensive CNG vehicle parts inventory.



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          Trucking Info Dec 22, 2021 - Making the Case for Renewable Fuels in Trucking

          Energy Vision — which has been promoting the production and use of RNG since 2009 — published a new report to assess various alternative fuels and new vehicle technologies for reducing greenhouse gas emissions and other negative impacts from waste and recycling collection truck fleets.

          Of the nine strategies analyzed, the report found trucks equipped with natural gas engines powered by organic waste-derived RNG fuel achieved the greatest benefits at the lowest cost. RNG trucks rated highest in terms of performance, cost, and cutting lifecycle GHG emissions, and health-damaging pollutants.

          Methane from decomposing organics in landfills, on farms, and at wastewater treatment plants account for 30% of total U.S. methane emissions. Currently, a portion of this methane is captured and refined to produce nearly 500 million gallons of RNG fuel a year, but that is roughly just 5% of overall potential RNG production.

          Of the 180,000 refuse trucks currently operating in the U.S., there are approximately 10,000 refuse trucks powered by RNG, according to the report.