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New Flyer Awarded Contract for 165 CNG Buses; Awaiting LA Contract

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  • New Flyer Awarded Contract for 165 CNG Buses; Awaiting LA Contract

    New Flyer announced it has been awarded a contract by the San Diego Metropolitan Transit System (SDMTS) for up to 165 60’ Xcelsior CNG buses. The contract contains 47 firm orders with options for an additional 118 buses. New Flyer has enjoyed a long relationship with SDMTS, having supplied nearly 90 percent of its fleet of more than 500 heavy duty buses. The new CNG buses come with 20-year certified fuel tanks that allow for a range of 350–400 miles. Production of the initial 47 CNG buses is expected to begin Q2 2013, and New Flyer will deliver the finished buses sometime in Q4. The buses will be built at New Flyer’s manufacturing facility in St. Cloud, Minnesota.

    New Flyer also has been issued a letter of Intent to Award from Los Angeles Metro for 550 40’ CNG Xcelsior buses (worth $302.9 million), with an option for an additional 350 over the next five years. Metro management has recommended the purchase to the Systems Safety and Operations Subcommittee and is awaiting approval from the Board of Directors. The board is next scheduled to meet on January 24, and a decision is expected by the end of the month. As of Q4 2012, New Flyer had a combined backlog of 6,325 of firm (1,672) and optional (4,653) orders.

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    Oregon paparazzi gets photos of New Flyer Xcelsior CNG bus demo in Eugene

    Lane Transit District was treated to a demonstration ride on a 60 foot articulated bus March 5 at 1 pm. The trip, originating at the central yard at 3500 E. 17th Ave Springfield, OR traveled to the transit mall at 10th and Olive to try the level boarding ramps. The bus sports three entry doors on the right side and two on the left which are used when the bus guideway - such as in Eugene - has buses alternating in both directions on a single exclusive lane in the road median.

    The bus is being moved by Advanced Auto Transport using public CNG stations on a route from Minnesota to San Bernadino. This bus was routed through Eugene in order to provide LTD with a demo ride. It fueled at the Salem State Motorpool prior to arriving. It was scheduled to fuel in Medford that evening and travel over the Siskiyou pass to Chico, Ripon, Bakersfield, and City of San Fernando for fueling on its way to being delivered. 14 buses comprise the order, but just this one went through Oregon.

    Passenger service begins early 2014.
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      May 13 2017 - by Rich Piellisch. New York City Transit/MTA Bus to buy 110 CNG 60-foot articulated Excelsior CNG buses.

      New Flyer has nearly 20 years of experience developing CNG systems and delivering over 8,500 CNG-powered transit buses. The Winnipeg-based company claims invaluable experience that benefits our customers with the most advanced CNG bus in the industry… benefits include a 20-year certified CNG tank and a fire-suppression system that comes as a standard feature on all New Flyer CNG buses.

      Also last year, Hexagon Composites reported a long-term supply agreement with New Flyer for all-composite Type IV CNG cylinders from its Hexagon Lincoln subsidiary, now part of Agility Fuel Solutions.


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        Betsy Lillian for NGTNews April 6, 2018 - New York City Transit Authority and the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) Bus Co. have selected Love s Trillium CNG to provide operations and maintenance for six existing private CNG fueling facilities and perform upgrades at four of the fueling sites.

        Trillium CNG has been a partner to NYC Transit for the past 16 years. In that time, Trillium CNG says it has modernized the authority s CNG operations to maintain safe and reliable bus fueling while increasing overall system efficiency:


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          Matthew Mercure for NGTNews Sept 21, 2020 - San Diego MTS Board Approves Transition Plan for All-Electric Bus Fleet

          The San Diego Metropolitan Transit System’s (MTS) board of directors has unanimously approved a transition plan to convert all of the agency’s 800 buses to zero emissions by 2040. Today, MTS’ 40- and 60-foot fixed-route buses are fueled by CNG.

          California State regulations require public transit agencies to gradually transition to all zero-emission bus fleets by 2040.

          MTS will roll back the planned purchase of five CNG buses in 2021 and purchase electric buses instead. The full transition is estimated to cost $851 million over the next 19 years, and approximately $185 million to acquire land and build a new facility to accommodate additional electric buses.

          MTS currently has six electric buses operating. The electric buses have an average estimated usable range of 150 miles per charge.

          - Electric bus purchase cost $904,490. CNG bus $575,000. Range Electric bus 150 miles, CNG bus 400 miles

          - Clean Cities summary of CNG bus use by transit agencies