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Tire Upgrades - Opinions Wanted

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  • Tire Upgrades - Opinions Wanted

    Received this from one of my local GX owners that wants some feedback from the group.

    Hi, Curtis. I am about to replace all four of my stock tires. Never liked them very
    much. My two criteria for new tires are QUIET ride and long lasting (70K miles+). I am
    looking at the Michelin HydroEdge with Green X and the Goodyear Assurance ComforTred. Do
    you have an opinion OR a suggestion?
    By the way, buying a GX and the FM4 has been the best vehicle buy that I have ever made.
    Feel free to open this message up to the members for input. Thanks again for your help.
    Cal Liedtke, Santa Claritia -- green '08.

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    Re: Tire Upgrades - Opinions Wanted

    I just upgrade the wheels & tires on my '11 GX. I upgraded to the same size wheels & tires Honda uses on the Si. They are 17X7.5 Elbrus Black Machined w/Ice Coating. I chose the Continental ExtremeContact DWS (215/45ZR17) because they're high performance and good in both wet & dry conditions. They're also relatively light, with extremely long treadwear life and great ratings across the board. I'll try to attach a before & after picture to this post. I'm a newbie, so I don't know if the forum software will let me yet.

    Update: Nope, it won't let me post photos or link to an external photo sharing site. I guess I'll go post some comments to get my count up.
    Update 2: Okay, just posted a bunch of replies and got the pictures to link. Enjoy.

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      Re: Tire Upgrades - Opinions Wanted

      That's a great look! You took it from functional to fabulous with that upgrade.


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        Re: Tire Upgrades - Opinions Wanted

        I considered the Michelin Hydro Edge Green X tires too. Discount Tire was out of them so I went with the Michelin Destiny, which is the Discount Tire equivalent of the Michelin Harmony at other places. One thing you should consider with the Hydro Edge is that they are directional tires. As the guy at Discount tells me, this means that the periodic tire rotation requires that each tire be removed from its rim and remounted and rebalanced before it can be placed in the next position in the rotation. I suppose this could be avoided if the tires were only rotated front to back, but sometimes they really need to change sides to overcome uneven wear. So, if you go that route, get them at a place like Discount Tire that provides lifetime rotation and balancing.
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          Re: Tire Upgrades - Opinions Wanted

          I would be really interested to see what the lightest wheel options would be for this car. Reduction in un-sprung weight has good potential for performance gains.