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Installing Rear Speakers in a 2006-2010 GX

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    Re: Installing Rear Speakers in a 2006-2010 GX

    Looks very much like mine, except for the Head Unit. Oh, and my sub is facing the seats. And one can see my Amps around the Sub. I take out the Sub when vacationing, pulling the fuse for the Sub Amp, as well. Forgot to mention that I used the LX rear package tray, so no one can see the Polk rear speakers.
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      Re: Installing Rear Speakers in a 2006-2010 GX

      This was very helpful, Thanks!!


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        Originally posted by rasutton View Post
        Re: Installing Rear Speakers in a 2006-2010 GX

        Just an update to this. I just completed it and added an amp and sub in the trunk too. The rear tray is now $107 and does not come with the grills, brake light, and child clip caps. You have to buy each grill for about $20 each and you can reuse the clip covers, and brake light.

        I just bought a rear tray for $40 from a guy who rebuilds cars here in Utah, he said another guy was doing the same thing awhile back.


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          Where are the factory speaker wires? I took the rear seats and top tray plate out. But still don't see the wires.
          And all the pics are gone from this thread.


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            Rear speaker wires are at a plug connector behind rear seat back, driver side, hard to get at but possible. You will note more wires going into the connector than coming out. It is the unused ones going into the connector that are for the speakers. I think you need to remove the back seat cushion in order to move the back rest. Also, you can go to a Honda dealer parts department and request a print out of this - that is how I pieced the puzzle together. If you have the factory wiring diagram manual, it also give some perspective. Look at the gasoline model data for this, NOT the CNG version.
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