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Removing the Rear Tray and Top Shield, 2006-2010 GX

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  • Removing the Rear Tray and Top Shield, 2006-2010 GX

    Removing the rear tray

    See instructions for removing the back-seat cushions.

    Using a trim tool, remove the upper C-pillar garnish. Photo 106. This is installed with tabs, not clips. Push the tool upward to release the bottom tabs first.
    Next, remove the lower C-pillar garnish. Using fingers, pull downward to release the three red clips. Photo 107. Use a forked trim tool to remove the white clip. Photo 108. When the clip releases, it will pull the black ring with it. Photo 109. This clip set is designed to hold the garnish in place in case of an airbag deployment. It is considered a one time-use item. Replacements cost about $2. The sheet metal may distort when the clip is removed. If so, tap it gently with a small hammer to flatten it. There should be slight friction to hold the ring in.

    Start removing the rear tray by unplugging the 3rd brake light wiring (access through the trunk). Photo 110. Then pull up at the front edge of the tray to release the forward clips. Next, reach under the tray and force it upward (hitting with a fist works) to release the remaining clips. Slip the shoulder harnesses under the tray, then pull forward and up on the tray to remove it.

    Removing the top shield

    Remove the 21 bolts (10mm head) from the top black shield. Only remove one bolt from each vertical black shield-the one that goes through the top shield. Remove the wiring-harness clip on the driver’s side of the shield. Photo 111. Since there is little slack in this harness, it will be necessary to let the harness hang loose here. Slide the top shield upward and under the center shoulder harness and carefully remove the shield from the car.
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    Re: Removing the Rear Tray and Top Shield, 2006-2010 GX

    So very grateful! Thanks again Joeflyer! worked just as you described, although I didn't have the forked trim tool, I was able to flex the cover and then slide it off the white clip. I will get new ones to re-install.
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