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Factory rear speaker wires

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  • Factory rear speaker wires

    As was noted in a recent posting, factory wiring for rear speakers in the 2006 – newer GX DOES exist going from the radio to a connector located just behind the left rear seat back.
    Here is the rest of the story:
    The wires end in a white multi-wire connector affixed to the steel seat back support at this location, not accessible from the trunk.
    It is necessary to remove the rear seat back and seat in order to access this connector to tap onto these wires to extend them for rear speaker installation. They end at this connector, whereas in other Civic models they continue to factory speakers.
    Wire color breakdown to this connector, per the Honda Civic factory shop manual:
    A11 Gray Left Speaker + [This one is yellow at the radio]
    A2 Brown Left Speaker –
    A16 Blue Right Speaker +
    A8 Orange Right Speaker –

    [NOTE: The seat removal process is best done by following the procedure as outlined in the 2006 – 2009 (2010) “Service Manual GX Supplement”, available through ] I would urge all GX owners to purchase this, as it goes into the specifics of the GX as differs from the other Civic models, covering such other items as engine, fuel system, maintenance, body, electrical, etc.

    It would be helpful to all of us who support and utilize this great forum if members would post information that is as complete and accurate as possible. If you know it is for sure, then say so; otherwise if a best guess, then admit it. About a year ago I posted a query asking if any wiring existed and the response on this forum was NO. Even the dealer told me no wiring existed. Further postings told of members running new cabling from the radio to the rear of the car for installing rear speakers. When accessing the rear of the radio to connect such cabling, one would have noted there was EXISTING rear speaker wires already connected to the radio. HMMM no mention in the postings!
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    Re: Factory rear speaker wires

    That's great info. I've put off the install of rear speakers 'cause I didn't have the time to run the wires.
    Thanks lots!!


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      Re: Factory rear speaker wires

      I SUSPECT it is there on earlier models as well. I was starting to investigate it on my 2002, but never confirmed it. I did find that connector listed in the supplement service manual and even spoted it. There were wires connected to what should have been the rear speaker wires in the plug behind the radio But, I never pulled the seat and confirmed they were active there.


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        Re: Factory rear speaker wires

        Very good informaiton. . Thanks for sharing.


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          Re: Factory rear speaker wires

          Member joeflyer has confirmed it! with pictures! Great write-up and picture album. Near the top of this page in "Community" drop-down, "My Albums" for the picts, and in the thread "Installing Rear Speakers in a 2006-2010 GX" I would've linked, but I'm not yet trusted.
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            Re: Factory rear speaker wires

            Love this! What's not clear is the connection at the rear. Were you able to find a factory harness anywhere, or is this a cut+splice job. I'd like to use factory connectors if possible.


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              Re: Factory rear speaker wires

              Somewhere in this section one of our members posted pics of the entire process, including identifying the rear speaker wires, which terminate abruptly at the rear seat in the GX. Maybe Honda has heard the plea for more speakers and will give us our wish when the 2012 comes out. Guess we'll have to wait and see.


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                Re: Factory rear speaker wires

                I just bought a 2-way amp for front components- I do not sit in the back.. Hehe