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Budget Stereo Install in '98 GX

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  • Budget Stereo Install in '98 GX

    I drive my car alot, just like I'd suspect most of you here do. I've put up with the stock stereo in my '98 GX for about a year and a half now. I also have Sirius that I listen to on the stock stereo with the FM modulator. Believe it or not I got use to this setup and felt it sounded fine.

    I've wanted to put a stereo in the car since I bought it but I also didn't want it to become a target for theft, which means I didn't want to have alot of money in it. Last year I remember seeing a cheap Stereo kit at Walmart around the holidays and by the time I went to go buy it they were sold out. This year they had it again so I picked it up.

    It's a Sony CXSGT08HP Stereo Kit that I got for $90.00 with the following features:
    -Detachable faceplate with Front Aux Input
    -CD-R/CD-RW Playback
    -MP3/WMA Playback
    -Selectable sub-out
    -45W x 4 Max Power
    -EQ3 Stage2 Equalizer
    -Sony 6x9 3-way Speakers
    -Poylpropylene cone woofer
    -300 Watts Peak Power Handling
    -6-1/2" 2-way speakers
    -190 Watts Peak Power
    -HOP Cone woofer
    -aluminum cone tweeter
    -remote control

    I installed the deck and front speakers last night. Additional parts I've bought so far are the dash install kit and wiring harness adapter, bought from Fry's Electronics, both were about $20.00 a piece. You can source this same stuff online for much cheaper but I was in a hurry to get it installed so I bit the bullet.

    FYI: The Wiring Harness Metra part number 70-1720 fits the '98 Civic, this is one reason I bought the stuff at the store because I brought my factory radio in the store to match the harness since I couldn't find out for sure which part number I needed, online some said 70-1720, 70-1720t, or 70-1721.

    The deck install was very simple, if you need a guide use this or see attached:
    .....I soldered the wiring harness adapter to the harness that comes with the deck, pretty much match up the wires, very simple. After that it's plug and play.

    The front door speakers from the kit fit with a few tweaks. You don't have to remove the door panel, just pop of the speaker grills. The stock speakers are held in with 3 screws, remove them, then unplug the harness. The 6-1/2" round speakers in this kit have some mounting tangs along the outside edge that need to be bent up. These tangs provide more mounting solutions which you don't need and they get in the way of the speaker fitting flush in the door. The harness connector you can take apart with a small screw driver which then allows you to remove the wires by bending another plastic tang out of the way. The factory metal connector will fit onto the new speaker. No cutting, wiring, soldering, crimping required. Make sure you clock the speaker correctly when you are installing it in the door so the speaker wiring doesn't get caught in/on the door panel and that the speaker wire connection area on the speaker clears. Basically, these speakers do fit with a little attention to detail when installing them.

    Now, I haven't gotten to the 6x9s installation yet, trying to feel out some options. I don't know if I'm going to try the package tray with the speakers spaced up or the rear doors yet. I want to get the 6x9s in before I decide with I want to add a small sub.

    Based on just replacing the factory front door speakers with the cheapo Sonys and the better deck the sound is alot better and now I can play CDs and also wire my Sirius directly to the Aux port, which makes it sound better.

    In conclusion if anyone is looking for a cheap and easy upgrade I'd recommend this kit. I had my doubts based on the price that it'd sound ok but for a budget friendly solution I think it passes.

    I'll try to get some pics of the deck installed and I'll update this thread if I do actually get around to getting the 6x9s installed.
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    Re: Budget Stereo Install in '98 GX

    Just an update, after much thought and talking with a couple of local stereo shops, I ended up putting the 6x9s in little boxes that I bought at WalMart for $27, ran the wiring under the center console, and placed the speakers pointed up on the floor behind the front seats. Sounds pretty good. If I need to haul three or four people I ran just disconnect the speakers and put them in the trunk.

    This way I can still keep everything hidden when parked (place a jacket over them or something) and I don't have to worry about clearance issues around the tank.

    I've also been eyeballing one of these for under the passenger front seat, I haven't measure yet but I think it'll fit:
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