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Installation Cost of Extra Tank/07 Honda Civic GX

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  • Installation Cost of Extra Tank/07 Honda Civic GX

    Hello Everyone:

    As of most recently, CNG is priced at 99 cents in my area, whereas I'm seriously considering buying a Honda Civic GX. My question to the forum, is how much would it cost to have an extra tank installed into the trunk? Oh by the way, I'm not the least concerned about trunk space...clearly.

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    Trunk ? what trunk , that's a rear glove box LOL. See this thread .

    My standard admonition : I would not personally do it, for crash safety reasons. Honda spent millions engineering the car , including rear crush zone. An extra tank is a very solid object, extremely well attached within that crush zone. Others will disagree , but that is my 2 cents worth.

    Enjoy the under a buck fuel while you can, and make sure that cheap fuel source doesn't have compressor oil carryover, Historically, some the super low cost fuel stations did, and oil in your cng is not good.