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Ignition-switch light and remote trunk release

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  • Ignition-switch light and remote trunk release

    These are two items I sorely missed on the GX, so I did some web searching and came up with solutions for both.

    Here is a thread about installing an LED ring around the ignition switch:

    This lights when a door is opened and goes dark when the engine is started. Also, it lights when the engine is stopped and goes dark a few seconds later. This LED kit is really crap for $42.51. The wires are so thin that both broke off before I could get the thing permanently installed. Only half the LEDS worked, and the lens came off. But, I had purchased another LED ring for about $2.50 that was a perfect replacement. Used with the lens from the kit, I successfully installed everything, and it works great. I work at night, so it is always dark when I start the car. Yes, I paid almost $43 for the lens, but I did not find an alternative. I don't think the LED ring would work without the lens. The light would act like a circular floodlight without a lens. Total installation time was about two hours, but I could do it again in 30 minutes.

    Where to buy the LED ring:

    Where to buy the replacement LED ring:

    I really missed not having a remote trunk release. There are aftermarket kits available, but they require the use of a second key fob or replacing the factory fob. The kit I installed uses the factory Honda fobs to unlock the trunk. The kit has a control module that counts how many times an unlock electronic control unit (ECU). Normally, pushing the fob unlock button once unlocks the driver's door; twice unlocks the three passenger doors. With this kit pushing the unlock button three times unlocks all four doors and the trunk. Also, pushing the unlock button on the interior door panel once will unlock all four doors. With this kit, two pushes will unlock all the doors and the trunk, except when the ignition switch is shut off just before pushing the unlock button. Shutting off the ignition sends the first unlock signal to the driver's door. Therefore, one push on the unlock button will unlock all four doors and two pushes will unlock the trunk.
    The only challenge to installation is running a wire from under the driver's rocker-panel trim to the trunk. I found it easier to remove the trunk separator panel than the rear seat back. The location of the solenoid is different from those shown in the instructions. Those instructions are for an older generation. I have a gen-8 2009. There are four yellow wires under the rocker-panel trim. Any one will work, since each one is for an unlock signal to a door. I spent about four hours installing and troubleshooting. Figuring where to mount the solenoid was the toughest task. With that done, I could do this again in about one hour.

    Link for installation instructions:

    Another link with installation instrucions:

    The only place to buy the kit:
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