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05' Spark Plugs/Coils/Fuel Filters

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  • 05' Spark Plugs/Coils/Fuel Filters

    My 05' GX has 84K miles on it. I bought it a couple months ago. It began to run poorly at lower speeds, especially when the engine hadn't warmed up yet. It's currently at the dealer. The dealer is saying that the spark plugs are cracked and a couple coils may be bad. They are also recommending replacing the fuel filters among other things. They believe the fuel injectors are still OK.

    From what I'm hearing I should be able to change the spark plugs and coils myself. What about the fuel filters? Are these user servicable parts or do I need a CNG certified mechanic need to do that? Any thoughts would be appreciated.

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    Re: 05' Spark Plugs/Coils/Fuel Filters

    From what i have heard the rear fuel filter is easy, but the one toward the front is hard to get to. I have a 99 and I changed mine, it was pretty easy. Plugs and packs you should be able to do on your own.


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      Re: 05' Spark Plugs/Coils/Fuel Filters

      On ours (2001-2002) the trick is to have an oil filter tool on a long extension, and of course to close the shutoff valve and let the engine die to remove the CNG pressure before you start. Not difficult.
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