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The Low fuel light is flashing on a full tank

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    I Think your tank solenoid valve is sticking. $$$$ the parts about $1000 and about 4 hours labor.


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      For a temporary fix, see post #4 here:


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        Hi, you had written on a post a long time ago about replacing a temp sensor to repair the blinking fuel gauge. Was that in the trunk or under the hood? If in the trunk were you able to replace it without dealing with pressure on the system?


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          Just created another post about having this very same problem. My car (2008 Civic GX) seemed to be "fixed" with the battery disconnect, wait 10 minutes, and reconnect but now I'm worried this may only be temporary. As someone else has already questioned the low temperature concern, the temperature was around 70 degrees F here today and the vehicles was fueled two days prior and used without problem multiple times after fill up. I'll see if I can observe any temperature sensor issues with the scan tool next time this occurs but this condition happened while my wife was driving and the outside temperature remained around 70 degrees F. Has anybody determined what the logic is for this condition (low fuel blinking light then dropping fuel gauge that leads to no start). Nothing more frustrating than a problem that appears fixed but may not since you never know when it will reappear. In my case I find it hard to believe the tank valve is stuck since the battery reset cleared it immediately whereas I did not hear any attempt to operate the tank valve until reset. Also, the temperature was around 70 degrees F the entire time and it occurred while running. I had a stuck tank valve years before (was replaced) and this did not behave the same. I thought the ECM may have got into a state that required reset but until I understand the logic here, I do not know exactly why this occurred. Based on this post, it could be anything from temperature sensors, fuel filters, pressure regulator, to tank valve. My vehicle has a newer tank valve, replaced filters less than 4k miles ago, and not diagnostic codes flagged. Any further insight from folks would be very much appreciated.


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            I do not believe this thread is being maintained well. As reported in my last post (4 weeks ago) to this thread I experienced this problem (low fuel indication where fuel quantity is rapidly dropping with no detectable leak and the car will not start - I have a 2008 Civic GX. I disconnected the battery for 10 minutes and all seemed well after reconnecting but now it is back (4 weeks later). Temperatures were in the 60s today and the car was running earlier in the day. Once again my wife was using the car and this happened at home this time. I left a small wrench in the car for her to do a battery disconnect if this happens away from home. What I'm going to attempt is to trace the tank valve signal back to the ECM control. I cannot guarantee I will not get impatient and just do the temporary battery disconnect fix again. I suspect the valve is not being opened because the ECM detects a problem. What frustrates me is that the GX supplement does not provide any details on symptoms of a bad or malfunctioning temperature or pressure sensor but does give details on how to replace. At this time I'm going to rule out the following:

            1. Tank Valve - replaced two years ago due to non-use before purchase, not behaving like it did when tank valve was sticking, temporary battery disconnect fixes (at least temporarily)
            2. Fuel Filters - replaced a couple months ago
            3. Battery - Good shape and under 1 year old
            4. Regulator - Does not appear problematic after temporary battery disconnect
            5. Fuel Relay - checked first time and did not appear problematic
            6. Fuel Door switch - I don't think I'll dignify this suggestion

            OK - I'll look for codes and indications of a problems with the scanner. The MIL light was not on.

            I suspect the ECM is latching a condition that prevents the solenoid valve from being commanded to open and needs a power cycle to clear. If this is true I'm really disappointed in Honda not setting the MIL and logging a code. If the temperature or pressure sensor is the root cause here, it can't be a hard failure since the battery disconnect cleared things and the car was in use for 4 weeks.

            I'll try to report back on what I find out.


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              Just returned from troubleshooting the Low Fuel and Declining Fuel Quantity Indication on the 2008 Civic GX resulting in No Start. Below are my notes:

              1. Tank valve was not being commanded on - No voltage signal & no "clunk"
              2. Fuel pressure and temperature sensor signals appeared correct.
              3. No continuity or grounding issues I could find.
              4. Temporary battery disconnect cleared the fault - worked fine for several starts and let it run for 20 minutes without problem
              5. Popped fuel door open - the only thing observed is flashing fuel gauge, no issue starting or running.
              6. Temperatures were in the low 50s.
              7. No DTC either before or after temporary battery disconnect.
              8. Fuel rail pressure appeared correct for condition with no glitches noted.

              Man, this is bugging me. I suspect that one of the sensors has an occasional excursion and this upsets the ECM where the logic is detecting a fuel leak or something. Guess I'm going to need a hard failure before I can produce empirical evidence to isolate the root cause. I hate throwing parts at something and I'm pissed at Honda for designing a vehicle that does not flag anything when a start is prevented.


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                Got a few bits more of information from my wife who was driving the car (2008 Civic GX). When the low fuel and declining quantity started she was driving (same as the first time). Instead of pulling over she headed home and drove around 8 miles. It did not stop running until she put it in park in the driveway. It was showing completely empty prior to her getting home and I doubt there was enough residual fuel in the lines to get her home if the tank valve was closed. This sure feels like logic to handle a fuel leak that may be triggered by a glitch on one of the sensors or intermittent connection on the wiring harness.


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                  Uncle - I'm throwing parts at the vehicle (2008 Honda Civic GX) to resolve this problem. Had the forth occurrence (low fuel light with declining quantity indication and will not start until battery disconnected then reconnected) in six weeks. lcovelli provided Honda Part # 19330-RNE-A01 (Thermo Valve) as a solution earlier so I'm starting there. I did not detect a problem with the valve but it may be intermittent (glitching) and not showing a problem most of the time. I'll report back on whether it resolved my problem. Valve cost $40 at Jim White Honda with $10 shipping. Probably a few weeks until I get it - install it - then run the car for a bit to confirm the problem is resolved. Later