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1999 Civic GX Horsepower?

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  • 1999 Civic GX Horsepower?

    I've been looking around on Google and this board for this info, but can't seem to find the engine specifications (HP, Torque, etc). Does anyone know the specs for the 98-00 Civic GX? I'm not expecting a lot of power, but I'm curious to see how this car will keep up with speedy So Cal traffic.

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    Re: 1999 Civic GX Horsepower?

    '98-'00 Civic GX
    1.6 ltr cid
    4spd auto trans

    Seems like the people on the site that own them love them and strive to keep them in operation at (nearly) all cost. I've never heard any complaints about the functionality of this model, as far as having enough power to run the freeways and climb hills as needed. It has the most restrictive range of all the years of the GX, as transmission improvements over the years have served to up effective range significantly. Increaded engine size has nominally improved power as well. I have an '04 with the cvt and can drive the major mountain passes on cruise control with no problem... and with the same 100 hp rating. It's a great little car, but tank expiration is eminent on these year models, so just be aware of that and factor it into any purchase you may be considering.


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      Re: 1999 Civic GX Horsepower?

      Great! That's more then I was expecting! I thought it would be in the 85-95 range. I think I also read that someone recommended a K&N filter as well, Perhaps I will look into that for a little extra power and mpgs.

      I did read about the fuel tank expiration. I suppose I've got about 3-4 years before I need to address it. Hopefully, I can just ebay/craigslist a tank at some point before that time.

      Regardless, my wife will be able to use the GX on her commute up and down the horrendous I-5 in San Diego. You can't put a price tag on convenience, so whatever I need to pay will be OK.


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        Re: 1999 Civic GX Horsepower?

        The 15 year 'expiration date' was a number that engineers pulled out of thin air because car makers don't want to pull tanks to test them regularly (as is the case with most other high pressure tanks). In fact, I'm told Honda won't reinstall a tank in a GX -- you have to buy a new one if they pull the old one for any reason.

        As I recall, the expiration date was based on the stress of fast-filling the tank from empty to full six times a day. IMHO the tank won't be one whit less safe at 15 years plus a day than it was at 15 years minus 1 day.

        PS Curtis -- imminent...
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        03 Crown Vic
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          Re: 1999 Civic GX Horsepower?

          Everyone must comply with safety regulations based on their own common sense. As there are no "tank police", perhaps you will be the one to let us know how long a tank actually lasts before it fails... fatally.

          I'm not up on the current reinstallation requirements, but I thought is was not to be reinstalled if it had been removed from the brackets.


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            Re: 1999 Civic GX Horsepower?

            Replacement tank thread:

            Now back to the HP discussion