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Billboards Advertising Honda Civic GX NGV

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  • Billboards Advertising Honda Civic GX NGV

    Maybe I just don't get out much, but it seems that Honda has done virtually no advertising for the Honda Civic GX. However, I just recently saw two exceptions!

    The first was on the northbound 405 freeway, at about the Willmington exit, on the right side of the freeway, there is a full sized billboard advertising the GX. It has the word CIVIC on it, with the final C reversed like is done in the current advertising for most all Honda Civics. But, the two i's are two vertical, blue flames (like from a natural gas pilot). Under the word CIVIC, it reads Available in Natural Gas.

    The second was almost directly across the freeway from the billboard (so, it's on the left as one travels north on the 405). Carson Honda has a changeable sign to advertise their dealership. On one of the displays, I saw an advertisement for a Honda Civic GX NGV. I didn't even know that this dealer sold the GX. I checked their new car inventory online, and they currently have two. I called their service department on the telephone and they told me that they have one technician who is certified to work on the GX natural gas systems.

    It's good to see this car get some promotion beyond what we do via word-of-mouth.