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My First B-1 Service

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  • My First B-1 Service

    The B-1 Maintenance Minder just popped up. What exactly does this entail? What special parts are needed other than the low pressure filter? And how much should everything cost? I have called a number of dealers in my area (San Francisco Bay Area), and their prices and recommendations are all over the place. I will likely buy the low pressure filter from Bernardi and save a few $$. Any helpful suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

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    Re: My First B-1 Service

    You have some options.
    If you go to the dealer, go to the honda website and under the GX page select a honda dealer from your zip code, then click on Civic GX NGV Service and a list of certified service shops. Be prepared to pay $$$ at the dealer.

    I heard great things about the Honda Acura connection in SJ. which I will start taking my GX to as they service some GX's there.

    Farther south in Gilroy, there is a CNG and LPG certified Mechanic ( A plus Auto service. )
    Honda service robs me every time I walk in.

    Look for paying ~ 300.00 in California

    B1 service
    Replace engine oil and oil filter
    Rotate Tires
    Replace fuel filter element (low pressure)
    Drain fuel filter (high pressure)
    Inspect front and rear brakes
    Check parking brake adjustment
    Inspect these items:
    Tie rod ends, steering gear box, and boots
    Suspension components
    Driveshaft boots
    Brake hoses and lines (including ABS)
    All fluid levels and condition of fluids
    Exhaust system
    Fuel lines and connections
    Silver 09 GX
    Phill G:1.5


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      Re: My First B-1 Service

      Thanks for the reply. I need to find an independent shop in Berkeley.


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        Re: My First B-1 Service

        I tried AH Connection near the SJC airport for my 30k maintenance for my 2011 Civic GX. I was really impressed with the people and work there (free loaner car very nice too). They were clearly very experienced with GX cars. Thanks for the recommendation.