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  • Manual Shutoff Valve

    I am in a complete state of perplexity here in beautiful SoCal...
    I took my '09 GX to the dealer's this morning for a regular oil change, and since it has a bit over 10,000 miles they recommended to change the high pressure filter "O" ring and the low pressure fuel filter. I told them to go ahead, and by the way, to please tell me where the Manual Shutoff Valve was, because I couldn't find it anywhere near the rear left wheel, as the owner's manual states.
    Well, five hours later they called me to tell me they hadn't changed the filters yet because... the handle to the manual shutoff valve was missing!!! I couldn't believe it! And then proceeded to ask me if I had been monkeying around with the valve because that would invalidate the warranty... Ha! I said, "I have never attempted to do anything with or to the car, I don't know where the valve is, and I don't even have the slightest idea what the handle looks like! That's why I was asking you to point it out to me!"
    Anyhow, they are ordering the part and when it comes in I will have to take the car in. Again.
    But I have a few concerns here:
    1st) They told me the NGV tech tried to close the valve using some special tool but did not succeed. Is it possible he could have damaged the valve by trying to force it close?
    2nd) If they end up having to replace the valve, not just the handle, would this compromise the integrity of the fuel system as a whole in any way (air, oil, debris, etc.)?
    3rd) Once they install whatever is needed, will it be easy to turn off/on this valve? Should it twist easily or would I need a tool?

    And lastly, has anyone else out there had this problem, or am I the lucky one in a million???


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    Re: Manual Shutoff Valve

    Not quite 1 in a million... but I'd rush out and buy a lottery ticket if I were you.

    It's quite possible that the shut off handle wasn't attached properly at the factory, for whate ever reason. I've never seen, or heard, of it before. As to your other questions; the valve is a sealed ball type valve, so nothing could get in to compromise it.

    The tech could have had tool problems ranging from operator error to wrong tool for the job... no way to know. Once the handle is back in place, it should turn easily. If it doesn't work right then they'll most likely resolve the issue for you, one way or another.

    Sory you had this freak situation, but don't be overly concerned. Before they take the car off the rack (prefferably) have them show you the valve and see if it seems functional to you. Try it out. That will belay any fears you may have lingering.

    You would need to lay on the ground and stick your head under the car to see the valve. It's not exactly as depicted in the book. It's actually a bit further back, further in, and higher up than it would appear to be in illustrations.
    Best of luck and welcome to the group.


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      Re: Manual Shutoff Valve

      I got my car back!
      They ended up replacing the whole valve and so far so good.