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9500 miles on my 2007 GX

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  • 9500 miles on my 2007 GX

    My old commuter vehicle was a 2002 Dodge 5.9 liter truck that got 12.8 MPG. 9500 miles would have cost about $2486@$3.35 per gallon. My GX did 9500 miles for about $584@ $2.00 per GGE average price. I have my actual costs but I think this est. is pretty close. Might have been a little less as I fill up in Burbank whenever possible. Curtis had said this would be the least expensive car I will ever drive and I think he is correct.
    My everyday time savings of at least one hour using the car pool lane makes me smile. My GX turned out to be a great choice. It is hard to comprehend why there are not many more GX's on the road. Alan

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    Re: 9500 miles on my 2007 GX

    I also told you that an hour a day saved by driving in the car-pool lane was equivelent to a six-week vacation per year! Happy motoring Alan.


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      Re: 9500 miles on my 2007 GX

      But I feel so guilty of riding by myself on the carpool lanes....hehehe

      I've driven 7200 miles on my GX since we bought it at the end of August and it has cost me $412 worth of fuel. Now if I had driven my personal truck (Landrover Discovery II w/ lift kit and big mud terrains) which averages 11 mpg on a good day (with the wind behind my back, going down hill and a big rig in front of me) that would have cost me $2193 in fuel costs.

      I hate to say it but we still have the three trucks (Volvo XC90, Discovery II and Defender 110). I've decided to get rid of my Discovery due to lack of use, it stings quite a bit every $75 fill ups on that truck. We'll be keeping the XC90 for the long road trips and the Defender 110 is a restoration project. So I may be in the market for another economical ride again