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GX start problems

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  • GX start problems

    Hello all,
    My '98 GX has just reached its 90,000 mile mark, and the Service Minder is at red. Well, right before hitting this mark, I began having problems starting it.

    The first time, it took a couple of trys. About a week after that, it took me five trys for it to finally start.

    This past Saturday, it wouldn't start at all. But when I got home from work, it started up like nothing was wrong with it. And, today, the same thing happend. By the way, in between these problematic days, it hasn't given me any problems???

    What's curios to me though is that all of these incidents have happend in the morning. We're talking SoCal here, so I doubt it has anything to do with starting it in cold weather. Also, I do hear the intank solenoid click before every try, so I've eliminated it being a tank problem, like one of the other members just posted.

    I'm going to check to see if it's the starter that's failing on me. Although, I did not get the usual noises when a starter begins to fail. I'm also going to check the fuel injector wires -- another member just posted this being the problem to his start problems.

    By the way, I mentioned the service light just in case the system is creating the problem until it is reset after all maitenance has been done. I know this sounds ridiculous, but I'm new to CNG, so I'm asking it anyway.

    If anyone has any other suggestions of what I might check, I would really appreciate it!


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    Re: GX start problems

    Does the engine even try to turn over; do you have clicking from the starter or does it just give you nothing like you aren't getting power to it? I had a similar problem and the fuse to the solenoid in the tank was blown because the solenoid was shorting out. Check your fuses to see if it may be the issue. If it is good luck it is a problem that is not easily solved.



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      Re: GX start problems

      My problem was the starter. The engine was not turning; however, I would get a click from the starter but nothing more. I got a tip from a coworker to slightly tap on the starter to see if the car would turn on, and it did. Took it out and had Autozone check it. They confirmed that it was no longer good. I replaced it and haven't had problems since.

      Thanks for your suggestions though, and I hope your problem was taken care of.

      - Sam


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        Re: GX start problems

        Glad to hear that. Wouldn't want anybody to go through the same thing we did.


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          Re: GX start problems

          I had a problem with a fuse under the dash one time. That stopped it from starting. Once the fuse was replaced, it worked fine.