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How durable is CIVIC GX?

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  • How durable is CIVIC GX?

    I am Japanese and own a Suzuki CNG vehicle. I am thinking to buy an used Civic GX.

    The reason why I want to buy a Civic GX because my Suzuki break down so frequently and I decided to change it to another one.

    My Suzuki had change to a rebuilt engine at 13,000 kilo meter(8,000 miles). Changed the controled valve and adjusted valve clearance at 24,000 kilo meter (15,000 miles). Replaced water pump at 25,000 kilo meter (16,000 miles).

    I am planing to buy a used Civic GX from 98 to 05 models (1.6 and 1.7 litter engine).

    Could you share your experience of Civic GX?

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    Re: How durable is CIVIC GX?

    Welcome to the forum. We are truly a global community. I believe that you're the first one to join us from Japan. We find it very interesting to hear peoples experiences from various countries, and with different vehicles. It's great to have you on board. You English is very good by the way.

    I drive a 2004 GX with 110,000 miles on it. I have never had any problem worse than a cracked ignition coil.
    I know that:
    2001-2003 had issues with the CVT transmission.
    The older cars have had recurring problems with the high pressure regulators failing (expensive).

    For my money the best GX's are the most recent body style, 2006 and newer. They have better power, better range and are more enjoyable to drive. I know your Civic is different than the US version. Are you going to import a car? I wasn't aware that the GX was offered in Japan.

    How is the infrastructure situation over there? Do you find it easy to get fuel when and where you need it? Are there many NGV's on the roads there? Give us an idea of what the Japanese cng experience is like.


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      Re: How durable is CIVIC GX?

      Thank you, Curtis! Thank you for sharing your experience.

      I cannot write very long but I will write again on my day off about the NGV in Japan.

      NGV is more truck use in Japan. But I like to use the methone for next fuel. Because methone can be reproduced from the ecological system. It is possible way to recycle CO2.

      NGV can be a methone fuel vehicles.

      I will write again.