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  • 2006 Civic A/C

    I have a 2006 Civic GX and just wondering if the A/C performance is normal for a Civic or if there is a problem with the system. On hot days, (unusual in Michigan) I can't seem to get the car to cool down inside. Even on warm days the temperature control must be all the way cold and blower on high to stay comfortable. What is going on is the compressor and radiator fan are cycling on and off. When the compressor runs, the air is very cold, then it shuts off and the air warms up. The compressor doesn't run long enough to de-humidify the air so it is cool and damp. The dealer evacuated and recharged the system and says it is running normally---however it was about 68 degrees (July--high for the day) when he checked it. The Civic has a expansion valve system and I don't think it is correct that the compressor is cycling, as the expansion valve is supposed to control the pressures and temps in the system. It will do this parked or driving and is not related to compressor shutdown when at high throttle opening which is normal. What do you guys see in your Civic's in hot weather? Warranty expires next month so its showtime .

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    Re: 2006 Civic A/C

    all of my gx's have done what you describe. It appears that the compressor cuts off during acceleration and comes back in when you let off the throttle. It seems to cool better in a lower gear.


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      Re: 2006 Civic A/C

      not sure about while parked, but the a/c has a hard time keeping up with all that dash area exposed to the sun.


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        Re: 2006 Civic A/C

        The shop can be sure of the correct amount of refrigerant by weight or a charging cylinder on a 68 deg. day, bt no way can they do a performance test. Take it back. Leave is for a day if the shop is busy and tell to take all the time needed. If it is cycling and not cooling well on a warm day , something is wrong.

        Oh ya, the windshield is one of the best solar collectors around