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    I have a 99 Civic GX and we had three error codes -

    P0300 Random Misfire in 1-4 cylinder
    P0193 Fuel Rail Pressure Circuit
    P0420 Catalyst Efficiency Low on Bank One

    The local Honda dealer says we need to replace all four fuel injectors to fix the first item, along with new plugs since the injectors have cause carbon build up.... total $2,270

    The second item the found a small leak at the pressure regulator and recommend replacement .... total $2,020

    The third item requires catalytic converter replacement... with new oxygen sensors.... total $1,180
    without new sensors total $780

    For 99 Civic that amount is close to the total value of the vehicle.

    Has anyone had seen these codes? Does anyone have a workaround or a way to clean the existing injectors? If so, how is it done?

    Thanks in advance for your help.

    Park City, UT

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    Re: Civic GX Service

    $1,180 for a catalytic converter replacement and two O2 sensors!!??
    that is robbery. a catalytic converter can be had for under $100 and the sensors are a maximum of $75 apiece!
    sparkplugs are very easy to replace, and no more than $7 each. they just want to take advantage of you because it's CNG. i don't really know about injectors but i would presume that the parts are about $300-500. i do realize that you have to be specially certified to service CNG vehicles, but that is a joke.


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      Re: Civic GX Service

      My friend also has his 98 GX in at Garff downtown to get it looked over, and they told him he needs to replace all of the plugs and wires before they would even get started.

      For the non-CNG items try Automotive Car Care. Tommy has over 10 years of Honda service experience under his belt, and is quite familiar with the GX. His prices are very reasonable.
      8584 S. 700 E, Sandy UT

      You might try SNO-Motion for the CNG items.


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        Re: Civic GX Service

        I had my injectors cleaned through for about $40 each. (two were non-cleanable and had to be replaced - though they usually only have about 20% non-cleanable)....


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          Re: Civic GX Service

          Hi. I just run into the "Catalyst Efficiency Low bank 1" issue this week, mentioned here. The usual mechanic I go to refer me to a muffler place... "??" He is not a CNG mechanic, so I am not very convinced on that idea. But again I am new (2-month-old) to the cng world. Could any of you tell me what you did to solve this issue? .Do you know any place in Utah that fixes this problem? I have a 2001 cavalier bifuel. Will the GM dealer be the best/expensive only way to go?
          Thank you in advanced for your help