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  • Closed-Why Closed?

    I've seen you guys do this before, cut off people you don't like, who are they hurting talking about their Honda woes, on a Honda chat room?
    I've been biting my tongue reading these posts, wondering when one of you Honda clones were going to say or do something. It's not like Honda invented the NGV, or for that matter makes a very good one. The idea that all 3 filters be replaced at 10K is absurd. I got the same Honda line of crap when I took our '09 in for it's 10K service, where they wanted over 300 bucks to replace them.They even told me one of them was $180.00 (The owners manual says "inspect") but that didn't stop the tech from printing me off the service manual on the 10K service and chastising me with high-lighted text of the company line.
    The car has 10,000 miles, I've got more miles than that; how much CNG oil can get into it with that mileage?
    Did I say 300 Bucks? For what? I have over 500,000 miles driving on CNG and never heard such tripe. For God's sake, my Contour with the idiotic GFI system has over 150K miles and still runs like a top and only has one filter. It's like Honda has an endless line of BS to offset any responsibility for it's products.
    These guys are apparently loyal Honda subjects with legitimate concerns and should be treated as such; not brushed off with a stroke of the "delete" key.
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