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is my car ok?

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  • is my car ok?

    I thought I heard a faint humming noise last night in my 06 Civic GX when I put my car into park in the driveway. So I kept it in park and was playing around with pushing down the accelerator to different RPM values to try to reproduce the sound.

    One thing I noticed was, with the car in park, when it hit about 5,000 RPM it wouldn't go any higher and the throttle kept cutting in and out quickly.

    When I drove it around the block, though, I was able to gun it to 7,000 RPM climbing a hill with no problems.

    Anyone notice if their 06 GX doesn't let you get above 5,000 RPM while in park?

    ps... I never was able to reproduce the humming sound last night or this morning. It almost sounded like a steering wheel sounds when it is low on power steering fluid... but in this case the car wasn't moving and I wasn't moving the steering wheel.


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    Re: is my car ok?

    Check with your service dept. There was, if I recall correctly, some problems with power steering pumps around the 2006 model year. I don't know if it involved any recalls, or specifically what the issue was. Seems to me it may have been a leak, or failure issue.