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2008 First Impressions

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  • 2008 First Impressions

    Finally picked up our Honda GX today.

    I really like the car. I was surprised with the amount of leg room I had with the car compared to the Prius I rent from Avis when I travel. Being 6'2", I almost felt like I was in the Honda Accord. Only problem for someone sitting in the rear seat.

    Since my wife does most of the driving, my commute is 9 miles, she will end up using it 80% of the time. While this is a nice car, it does have a fleet feel to it. Standard Radio, regular mats, etc.

    I would love to replace my Honda Accord in 2009 with a new GX but I would like to see the following items first:

    1) Upgraded Stereo/Nav System. Would love to get the new Civic NAV system in the GX, factory installed. I have the 2006 Accord with NAV and love it.
    2) Leather Seats! Love them in my other cars, would love to have it here.
    3) Heated Seats, esp if I move back to Utah
    4) XM Radio. (most likely combined with a good nav system
    5) GGE/Gallon display.

    Put those things in the next Honda and I will dump my Accord for another Civic!