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2003 Civic GX Engine Problem

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  • 2003 Civic GX Engine Problem

    I have a 2003 Civic GX that has zero compression in one cylinder, and sounds noisy when turned over - I'm thinking a thrown rod. Any suggestions on what to do - rebuild engine, replace engine, sell car,?

    It has approx. 108,000 miles and the transmission was getting a little rough. Honda dealer here (Salt Lake City, UT, Ken Garff) has indicated that I may get some warranty help on the transmission but they won't know until I get the engine fixed. I will say that their "certified" mechanics diagnosed the problem as a plugged catalytic converter (which I had just replaced 9 months earlier). I took it to a private repair facility that had the sense to do a compression check and determine that one cylinder has no compression, which lead them to diagnose it as an engine problem.

    Any advise on what to do would be appreciated.
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    Re: 2003 Civic GX Engine Problem

    Finding a used engine is probably the most economical solution. Not easy or cheap.
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      Re: 2003 Civic GX Engine Problem

      Sounds like you do need to replace the motor; a new Jasper motor with a 3 year 36,000 mile warranty will run about $5,000 parts and Labor. If you like we can try and price out a used one if we can find one.
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        Re: 2003 Civic GX Engine Problem

        IMHO , time to part out the car . The trans is worth $$$ even if rough, the pressure regulator , injector and fuel tank have value too , in addition to the body, chassis and interior.

        The market for used GX vehicles has dropped a lot in the last 9 mos., just check the prices for low mile 1998 gx at auction., all went for under 5K with tax and lic.


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          Re: 2003 Civic GX Engine Problem

          I think you have something other than a thrown rod. A bad rod would not have that much effect on compression. I wonder if you might have a problem with a valve or valve seat or possibly a damaged piston. I would have the independent shop pull the head and evaluate the damage. If the block is not damaged and you do not have a bad rod the repair should be under $2000