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1998 Civic GX Factory Keyless Entry

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  • 1998 Civic GX Factory Keyless Entry

    From what I understand all 1996-2000 Civics that have power locks come pre-equiped with the keyless receiver module built into the radio. I can confirm that my radio has an extra wire harness plug going into it that is not for the radio.

    I bought the correct keyfob, and my friend is a former Honda technician and he tried to program the keyfob for me and it won't work.

    What I want to know is any 1996-1998 GX owner has working factory keyless entry on their car?

    If so, then I just need to troubleshoot a problem in my system. If not, then maybe mine doesn't work because Honda never made a provision for the GX to have this option (although that would be weird since the HX, LX, and EX models that have power locks *ALL* have keyless as an option, just as easy as buying a remote).


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    Re: 1998 Civic GX Factory Keyless Entry

    I tried it also, and it didn't work. So, I just bought an alarm with keyless entry and had them add a trunk release. I spent 150. My friend hooked me up.