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2002 GX CA Emissions Warranty

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  • 2002 GX CA Emissions Warranty

    I recently took my GX to the local Honda dealer for several problems I was having with it.

    I had been living with what seemed to be a random hesitation or misfire upon accelerating from a stop. I knew there was the recall for the insulation blanket, and then the SRS light came on.

    Well I looked up the SRS light issue and it sounded pretty important to take care of it. So off to the dealer I go. Being good sports, they agreed to fix all three problems and did not see an issue with not being a "certified" GX dealer. I mentioned all the problems should be under warranty and the service advisor seemed puzzled. I told him I had the 100,000 mile Honda Care warranty (the car has about 95,000 on it). And, if the miss wasn't covered by that it should be covered by the California emissions warranty of 150,000. Well that puzzled him even more, but he said he would look into it and see what was wrong with the car and let me know.

    He called the next day and reported they thought they needed to replace the coils and plugs and it would be $273 (I think) and it was not covered by the warranty.

    I was sure he was not correct, but I authorized the work and told him I would be looking for proof about the warranty. I did not have my book (it was in the car). So I called another dealer (Curtis was nice enough to talk to me). He transferred me to service and suggested I talk to his GX guy Larry. Larry wasn't available, so the nice lady I talked to asked for my VIN. I gave it to her; she checked to computer and agreed with my dealer that it was not under warranty.

    I am sure I have read the warranty myself. So the only thing left to do was to go get my book. Well guess what - it is there in black and white. By the way it covers all vehicles (2002 GX's anyway) that are registered and normally driven in California, Massachusetts, and Vermont.

    I took the book in and showed it to my service advisor. He was surprised, took copies of it and said he was going to look into it. Then he showed it to another service advisor and I certainly didn't like his attitude.

    He said that the book is a generic book that is handed out and what matters is what is in Honda's ISIS system. I told him the book was pretty clear and I was sure it would hold up in court no matter what their computer says.

    Turns out we did not have to do battle because they just changed the plugs and the miss went away. I agreed to pay for the plugs as a maintenance item.

    I thought everyone may want to be aware that if you don't know what is covered you cannot necessarily depend on the dealer to know either. So I scanned the part of the booklet that covers the California emissions Warranty and posted it in the file area here:

    I hope this is a help to others.


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    Re: 2002 GX CA Emissions Warranty

    Just 'missing' or the SRS light is not enough to trigger the CA warranty unless a covered part of the natural gas system is causing it (HPR, injectors, etc.). But, if the MIL went on, then it's covered because that would cause the car to fail a smog check. What your car needed might have been covered if the Service Manager had talked to Honda before the repair was done -- it's a gray area. Curtis' Service Manager Jeff got some things covered that I wasn't expecting in the many times we've had our cars there for repair (and it's a 40 mile drive/tow from home to get our cars there!).
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      Re: 2002 GX CA Emissions Warranty

      I had similar hesitation problems with my 2004 GX with 110K miles. Because I am a long distance from Curtis' Palmdale Honda--my first choice--I ended up at Robinson Honda in Torrance.

      They did a great job and fixed it all under the 150K emissions warranty.


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        Re: 2002 GX CA Emissions Warranty

        I understand the SRS light would not be covered under the emmissions waranty. Now, I am not sure why they did not charge me for that repair at all. I just looked up my Honda Care warranty and it expired last month on time rather then miles.

        However, the CA warranty has 2 criteria either of which should "trigger" it. One is performance related - fail a smog check and they have to fix ANYTHING that caused the failure. The other criteria is defect based. The spark plug coils (along with many other things) are specifically listed. If they fail they are covered - according to the way I read the book.