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15K miles B1 Service

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  • 15K miles B1 Service

    Does the B1 service requires A & B filter replace? How much will it cost?Worth perform by dealership?

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    Re: 15K miles B1 Service

    The filter schedule will be in your GX supplement and is based on miles. Cost will vary from dealer to dealer. I published my gealerships prices in the GX forum some time ago. I don't have the rate sheet at home, so I can't quote it off hand.

    Call your local dealer to get a price. Call several to get comparisons. Feel free to bring it to my store if you have any misgivings about the service/info you receive from the locals. This would work best if you live in So Cal of course.

    Depending on where you are, you may find it a bit scarce to find someone other than the dealer that is certified to work on cng. Your odds improve slightly if you live in Utah.